Working with Council

Suppliers are regularly asking the question “How do I get a foot in the door? / How can I get the opportunity to quote on a job that going?

In the past, the process for both Council officers and suppliers was difficult as officers did not always know what goods and services companies provided, or if new companies had come to town. Similarly with changeovers of staff, suppliers were unsure about who to talk to, or how to make Council aware of their business offerings. This often resulted in numerous conversations with Councillors and officers and was an additional time and expense for the business, with no sure outcome.

To streamline the process for Council and suppliers, Council now has three systems available to cater for the difference types of procurement (each is designed to ensure that the appropriate compliance obligations are met). These are:


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Registers of Pre-qualified suppliers (panels)

For a range of operational reasons, considered in the context of the Local Government Regulation, Council may establish a number of Registers (panels) of Pre-qualified Suppliers via tender initially.

Invitations will be issued to those suppliers on the approved panel when the goods and services are required. This will provide the opportunity for Council to then provide greater detail about the specific details of the goods, services or work required.

Council uses Vendorpanel to facilitate the issuing of quotes to the Registers and also make sure that the appropriate securities are in place prior to the closing time.

Registers of Pre-qualified suppliers operate for several years with new suppliers only allowed to apply to be on a Register when it is advertised. For most Registers Council advertises for additional suppliers several times per year.

Registers of Pre-qualified Suppliers, Preferred Suppliers and Approved Contractor Lists

Under the Local Government Regulation, Council is permitted to create the following:

  • Registers of Pre-qualified Suppliers or panels (LGR s232)
  • Preferred Supplier Arrangements (LGR s233)
  • Approved Contractor Lists (LGR s231)

The following link provides the legislative details for the above.

Local Government Regulation 2012 (

Council’s current list of Registers of Pre-qualified Suppliers, Preferred Suppliers and Approved Contractor Lists is shown in the table below.

Registers of Pre-qualified Suppliers List Trade and Associated Services
Wet Hire of Equipment
Dry Hire of Equipment
Traffic Management
Vegetation Management
Minor Works – Civil Construction and Maintenance
Purchase and Removal of Scrap Metal, Batteries and Other Valuable Recyclable Materials
Material Production Services (Winning & Crushing)
Accounting and Audit Services
Approved Contractor List Valuation Services
Building Certification Services
Preferred Suppliers Council currently does not have any preferred suppliers.

Requests for Quotation

Request for quotation (RFQ) are conducted using the Vendorpanel marketplace. This is where suppliers register to receive RFQ’s. Vendorpanel will issue emails for each of Council’s RFQ’s and also release RFQ’s through the Vendorpanel app.

Suppliers need to ensure they are registered with Vendorpanel to receive these RFQ notifications. It is also important that suppliers choose the correct categories in Vendorpanel to receive appropriate RFQ’s.

Further details on registering with Vendorpanel can be found here.

Local Buy

​Register your interest to supply goods/services to Council through Local Buy.

Local Buy is a procurement partner for local governments and provides panels of pre-qualified suppliers for councils to use without the need to go to public tender. Click here for further information.

Local Buy provide an opportunity several times each year for suppliers to join their pre-qualified panels of suppliers for the supply of a range of goods and services, with the opportunity to respond to tenders from all Queensland councils through Local Buy website.

Businesses should register with Local Buy to ensure they receive these notices.

For more information please call the hotline available to all interested suppliers - 1800 LB HELP (1800 524 357) or visit the Local Buy website