Waste Management Strategy

Maranoa Regional Council has been working to research and develop a Waste Management Strategy to review the region’s current waste disposal practices and make plans for the next 20 years.

Under the Waste Reduction and Recycling Act 2011, Council is required to develop a waste strategy, which provides vision for future waste management practices whilst setting a range of goals and actions for implementation to improve waste management.

This plan will assist the Maranoa community to make the transition from 2014 to 2024 to a more sustainable waste management approach consistent with the region’s development profile.

Following initial feedback in 2013 from residents with regards to waste in the region, a draft document incorporating a number of recommendations for Maranoa’s waste management was developed.

The Maranoa Waste Management Strategy is funded by Australia Pacific LNG operated by Origin.

    • Centralising waste management, making the Roma refuse facility the region’s hub
    • Upgrading regional refuse facilities to transfer stations
    • Introduction of a two bin system (one for general waste and one for recycling) in Roma by end of 2016
    • Reinstatement of the ‘tip shop’ at the Roma refuse facility
    • Composting – continuation of the green waste diversion currently being undertaken at the Roma refuse facility
    • Investigate and introduce new technologies such as a pit burner, glass crusher and construction and demolition waste sorting at the Roma refuse facility.
    • Introduction of regional drop-off recycling points at existing waste facilities


    One of the main aims of the strategy is to decrease the amount of material being sent to landfill that could be reused or recycled through the key recommendations mentioned above.

    Whilst there are initial capital outlay costs, upgrading existing refuse facilities (landfills) to transfer stations will enable Council to manage waste facilities more effectively and efficiently.  Waste will be landfilled in one central location which means operational costs (and associated environmental impacts) will be reduced over time.

  • Whilst the strategy covers a 20 year period (with a review conducted every three years), the following key infrastructure requirements of the strategy are proposed to be implemented over the next five years:

    Year Proposed Project Location
    2015-2016 Establish a transfer station Roma
    Investigate pit burner acquisition
    Upgrade existing refuse facility to transfer station



    2016-2017 Introduction of household recycling (two bin system) Roma
    Establish a materials recovery facility for delivery of a limited range of household recyclable materials
    Reinstatement of the 'tip shop'
    Establish construction and demolition waste sorting facility
    2016-2017 Investigate glass crusher acquisition Roma
    Upgrade existing refuse facility to transfer station




    2017-2018 Upgrade existing refuse facility to transfer station



    2019-2020 Upgrade existing refuse facility to transfer station



    For further information, download the Draft Waste Management Strategy

Queensland Waste Levy

The Queensland Government is introducing a levy on waste going to landfill at $75 per tonne for general waste, $155 per tonne for Category 1 regulated waste and $105 per tonne for Category 2 regulated waste beginning 1 July 2019.

Queensland sends 55% of its waste to landfill and is the only mainland state without a waste levy, which is being introduced to increase recycling and resource recovery.

Businesses are encouraged to look at how they can reduce waste, separate waste streams and recycle more to help reduce waste disposal costs.

The levy will not affect the cost of residents putting out their kerbside wheelie-bins. 

Residents are encouraged to boost their recycling efforts by finding out what recycling opportunities are available in their local government area.

Container Refund Scheme

The Container Refund Scheme is helping reduce litter and plastic pollution in the environment.

To participate in the scheme, members of the community can exchange eligible empty containers for a 10 cent refund at drop-off points, or residents can donate the containers at donation points organised by local community groups, charities or not-for-profit organisations, who will then receive the 10 cent refund.


    Register! Residents wanting to be involved in the scheme will need to first register.

    Register here

    Receive your Scheme Account ID. Once registered, participants will receive a registration number (Scheme Account ID). This number will need to be displayed on each bag of containers when dropping off at any drop-off point.

    Drop it off. Bring containers to drop-off points with the registration number (Scheme Account ID) attached (more informaiton on drop-off points is below).

    Receive your refund! Please note that you will not receive your refund at Maranoa's drop-off points. Containers will be counted at a Bulk Sorting Depot and you will receive your refund via electronic funds transfer (EFT) transferred into your Scheme Account.

    Eligible Containers and Excluded Containers

    Eligible containers:

    Most aluminium, glass, plastic, steel and liquid paperboard beverage containers between 150ml and 3,000ml (three litres) are eligible for a refund. Please have all container lids removed.

    Excluded containers:

    Containers for cordial, plain milk, wine and pure spirits are excluded from the scheme. This includes containers filled with one litre or more of flavoured milk, pure fruit or vegetable juice, cask wine, or cask water.

Containers for change new drop-off points

Maranoa Regional Council would like to advise Maranoa residents that Council will no longer be receiving containers for the Containers for Change program. Two new businesses located in Mitchell and Roma will be taking over the role as collectors.

  • Roma
    Maranoa Container Refund 

    52 Spencer Street South, Roma 
    Operating hours are Wednesday to Saturday, 9am – 5pm.
    Containers for Change - Roma

    Adrienne and Robin Mansfield 

    Mansfield General Freight, Lot 4&5 Dump Road, Mitchell
    Operating hours are Monday to Friday, 1pm – 6pm.​​
    Containers for Change - Mitchell

    For further information about the scheme, please click here