Be Prepared

Don’t wait for an event to happen, prepare now and survive!

Emergency Management Queensland (EMQ) has a simple four step process that could mean the difference between life and death.

Step 1: Prepare an Emergency Plan and prepare for evacuation
It is important to involve the whole household when preparing your Emergency Plan.

Step 2: Prepare an emergency kit
A regularly checked emergency kit will ensure you and your family are prepared for an event that may cause disruption to essential services, power and/or water supply.

Making sure your kit is well stocked will also alleviate the need to compete to buy every day essentials in a disaster situation.

Step 3: Prepare your home
Preparing your home is an important step in ensuring your safety during a severe weather, or disaster, event.

Step 4: Tune into warnings
Make sure you know your local ABC radio station frequency as well as any other relevant media outlets that will keep you up to date during an event.

For further information on the above steps and how to be prepared during storm season, visit the Queensland Government's Be Prepared website.​​

Make sure your emergency and evacuation plans include your family pets. More information regarding pets during disasters can be found here.​

Another important​ item to prepare is your relevant insurance policies; your house, car, contents etc can all be damaged during a disaster. Contact your current provider for information on how you are covered.

For more information on insurance, visit the Insurance Council of Australia website.

Important and helpful information for businesses before, during and after a disaster can be found on the Queensland Government’s Business and Industry Portal.

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