Council primarily uses an online system called Vendorpanel for procuring goods and services including tenders.

Tenders are generally for the purchase of goods and services ≥$200,000. However, some tenders may be below this level.

Tenders are advertised on Council’s website and Facebook page and through Vendorpanel’s mobile app.

Vendorpanel’s mobile app can be found at the Google Play Store and Apple Store.

Download the app via Google Play Store here.

Download the app via Apple Store here.

Receiving tenders 

Suppliers must be registered with Vendorpanel marketplace to receive tender invitations.  The Vendorpanel marketplace registration process can be found here.

Downloading and completing the tender response

Suppliers need to download the tender documents from Vendorpanel, complete Part 4 Tender Response Form and any other documentation and evidence the tender requires. Tenders that do not complete Part 4 Tender Response and provide all the information and evidence required may be deemed non-conforming and will not be considered by the Tender Assessment Team.

​Lodgement of Tenders

Lodgement of tenders is through Vendorpanel and must be submitted by the closing date and time.

Canvassing of any Maranoa Regional Councillor or Council Officer will disqualify tenderers from the tender process.

Notification of tender outcome

Council will notify all tenderers of the outcome of the tender. The results of all tenders ≥$200,000 will be published on Council’s website.

Assistance with completing tenders

Assistance completing the tender response can be obtained from the Department of State Development, Manufacturing, Infrastructure and Planning.

The Department’s Roma-based representatives can be contacted on (07) 4624 1555 / (07) 4624 1543 or by visiting the office at 1-3 Alfred Street, Roma QLD.

Questions about the tender must be provided to Council through Vendorpanel. Council will provide the response through vendorpanel to all tenderers to ensure all tenders receive the same information at the same time.