Awarded Tenders

The following details of contracts are published in accordance with Section 237, "Publishing details of contracts worth $200,000 or more" of the Local Government Regulation, 2012.

Tender Number Tender Title Supplier Tender Value Resolution
22001 Lease of Roma Airport Kiosks and Car Parks for Rental Cars. Hertz Australia Pty Ltd, Jonday Holdings Pty Ltd, Stromben Pty Ltd Hertz Australia Pty Ltd (Approx $324,000), Jonday Holdings Pty Ltd (Approx. $306,000), Stromben Pty Ltd (Approx. $744,000) OM/11.2021/56
22002 Bassett Park Jockey Rooms Upgrade Brett Cherry Builders Pty Ltd $435,196.27 SM/12.2021/101
22003 Mitchell Administration Centre Refurbishment KHB Constructions Pty Ltd $441,500.00 OM/05.2022/39
22006 Supply of Cement Powder Wagners Quarries Pty Ltd $492,535.56 OM/09.2021/65
22008 Relining of Sewers in Roma & Mitchell 2021-22 Relining Solutions Pty Ltd $631,821.35 OM/09.2021/60
22013 Flood Damage - Event 12 Drainage Reconstruction Suffcon Pty Ltd $1,469,842.00 OM/11.2021/93
22014 Injune Heritage Museum Construction SM & KA Duff Builders Pty Ltd $1,492,668.00 OM/12.2021/68
22016 Integration of Dosing Equipment with SCADA HEC Enterprises Pty Ltd $289,662.96 OM/01.2022/14
22031 Bitumen Reseal Program 2021/22 - Local Buy Road, Water, Sewerage & Civil Works - BUS270 only RPQ Spray Seal Pty Ltd $2,100,000.00 OM/03.2022/23
22032 Tender consideration Plan - Mitchell Memorial Park Upgrade Urban Play Pty Ltd $609,408.00 OM/02.2022/31
22035 Muggins Lane Bridge Replacement/Refurbishment Timber Restoration Systems Pty Ltd $509,121.03 OM/12.2022/44
22037 Mungallala Bore 4 - Borehole Drilling and Construction at Mungallala QLD 4467 Drill Engineering & Pastoral Company Pty Ltd $258,509.00 OM/05.2022/76
22041 New Female Amenities Bassett Park Brett Cherry Builders Pty Ltd $277,740.14 OM/11.2022/40
23011 Supply of and Delivery of Mobile Crushing and Screening Equipment Findlay Screening & Crushing Systems Pty Ltd $3,262,600.00 OM/10.2022/69
23013 2022-23 Bitumen Reseal Program Austek Spray Seal Pty Ltd $1,798,364.00 OM/12.2022/28
23024 Roma Pump Track Construction - Tender Consideration Plan World Trail Pty Ltd $514,504.60 OM/12.2022/45
23028 Denise Spencer Pool Design Facility Design Group Pty Ltd $546,982.15 OM/09.2021/89
RFQ VP299412 Request for Quotation - Crushing, Winning and Stockpiling at Redford South Gravel Pit - Redford Road Upgrade Project T & W Earthmoving Pty Ltd $259,799.00 OM/05.2022/06
RFQ VP337761 VP337761 - Hawthorne St Asphalt Boral Resources (Qld) Pty Ltd $368,964.71 OM/02.2023/07
23022 Roma Big Rig Peter Keegan Museum Design and Construction Arterial Design Pty Ltd $428, 946.45 OM/03.2023/57