Environmental Health

Maranoa Regional Council is committed to maintaining environmental health throughout our region by working with the community to minimise adverse environmental and public health impacts.  ​

Queensland environmental protection laws were introduced to provide a balance between the protection of our quality of life, environment and ability to conduct activities which may have the potential to cause nuisance to those around us.

On this page you will find information, factsheets and useful links on common environmental issues and how to report or reduce harm to our environment.

Note: Some of the links below lead to Queensland Government websites and LG Toolbox, providing standardised local government information relating to certain services.

  • The State Government Environmental Protection Act 1994 includes guidelines for general nuisance emissions which apply to emissions such as spray drift, odour, dust and light. Council will enforce these controls if nuisance emission problems occur. For further information refer to:

    Air Pollution Fact Sheet 

    Backyard Burning Fact Sheet 


  • The state government Environmental Protection Act 1994 includes guidelines for general noise emissions for residential, commercial and industrial premises. Council will enforce these controls if nuisance emission problems occur. For further information refer to:

    Noise Pollution Fact Sheet

    Permitted Noise Levels Fact Sheet

    Noise Regulated by Other Regulatory Bodies

    For music, loud stereos, parties, rowdy behaviour and burglar alarms please contact Queensland Police Service (QPS) via Policelink or call 13 14 44.

    All noise issues involving premises with a liquor licence please contact the Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation on 

    13 QGOV (13 74 68).

    State government properties or activities that are regulated by the state government please contact Queensland Government on

    13 QGOV (13 74 68).

    Off-road noisy vehicles and trail bikes please contact Queensland Police on 13 14 44.

    On-road noisy vehicles and trail bikes please contact Department of Transport and Main Roads on 13 23 80.

  • Preventing or reducing water pollution protects our water quality and is essential to maintaining the health of our environment and our own quality of life. 

  • Asbestos is a type of building material used in the building industry between the 1940s and 1980s. Incorrect handling of this material is a public health risk that can potentially harm your health, and the health of others around you. Only a licence contractor can remove or break products containing asbestos. 

    Asbestos Health Risks Fact Sheet

  • Mosquitoes are an important part of our natural environment and are a food source for many native animals however they are also a carrier of a number of diseases. Whilst we cannot remove them from our environment, we can implement safeguards to both ourselves and the environment. For further information refer to  Queensland Health website.​

  • Maranoa Regional Council was awarded Queensland's Tidiest Town ​in 2015 and takes littering and illegal dumping seriously. Council officers are dedicated to ensuring our streets, community areas, waterways and natural areas are waste free. ​

    Illegal dumping is the unlawful deposit of any type of waste material. Illegal dumping of household waste, building and commercial waste, garden waste or other materials such as tyres damages the Maranoa's natural areas.​

    How to report any of the above mentioned environmental nuisance issues:

    Contact Council's Environmental Health Team on 1300 007 662 and lodge a customer complaint.

     To report littering, including the incorrect disposal of cigarette butts visit Keep Queensland Beautiful website​ to report a litterer.