During an Event

If a natural disaster is predicted or taking place, Council and relevant authorities will advise residents of the situation and issue regular updates and advice.  You can also check the latest information on Council's Emergency Management Information website​ or on Council’s Face​book.

Some important tips to remember during an event are:

  • Remain calm – something easier said than done but if you are properly prepared it will be a lot easier to keep your cool during an event.

  • Listen to warnings on your local radio and TV stations and emergency alerts.

  • Check weather warnings on the Bureau of Meteorology website.

  • Remember your emergency plan.

  • Retrieve your emergency kit and keep it with you.

  • If you need to evacuate and have time, secure your house and take your emergency and evacuation kit with you.

  • Communicate with loved ones; if you have evacuated, either to a designated centre or to a private residence, inform them so they are aware of your new location.

  • Listen to the relevant authorities.

Road Closures
For up to date road closure information call the Department of Transport and Main Roads Traffic and Travel Information Hotline on 13 19 40 or visit the website.

Lost and Found Animals
Domestic Pets
If you need to report a lost or found pet (domestic animal), please contact Council by phoning 1300 007 662.

More information regarding pets during disasters can be found here.

If you find stray livestock, please contact Biosecurity Queensland on 13 25 23 to identify the owner of the livestock and assist their safe return.

Injured Wildlife
Wildlife may become disoriented or frightened following a disaster; if you find injured wildlife please contact one of the businesses listed below.  Please take care when capturing wildlife.

Boobook Ecological services: (07) 4622 2646

Maranoa Veterinary Surgery: (07) 4622 4477

Roma Veterinary Clinic: (07) 4622 1015

In a disaster there may be a requirement for partial or total evacuation of an area.  During an event evacuation centres are established, residents will be advised by alerts where their nearest evacuations centres are located.

More information regarding evacuations and the location of evacuation centres can be found here.