Town Planning

What Council do

Council manage existing and new development, land uses and works to ensure our infrastructure and resources can meet the future needs and expectations of our community.

Council achieve this through the implementation of the Maranoa Planning Scheme. The Maranoa Planning Scheme is a strategic planning document, established under the State Government Planning Act 2016 and Planning Regulation 2017.

The planning scheme guides the way land and buildings are used and developed, and sets the standards for new infrastructure to service our region.

​Proposals for new development are assessed against the planning scheme to ensure that they are compatible with surrounding land uses, they respond appropriately to site constraints, that any impacts can be managed, and that their infrastructure requirements can be met.

Types of Development

​Council's Planning Team assesses proposals for various development types, including:

Reconfiguring a Lot 
Creating lots by subdividing another lot, amalgamating two or more lots, rearranging boundaries, dividing land into parts by agreement or creating an easement to give access from a constructed road.

Material Change of Use
Start of a new use, re-establishment of a use that has been abandoned, or a material increase in the intensity or scale of the use of the premises.

Operational Works 
Works other than building work, plumbing or drainage work, in, on, over or under premises that materially affects premises or the use of premises.