​Register your interest to supply goods/services to Council:

Maranoa Regional Council has implemented a new procurement system that provide a mechanism for businesses to register their interest to supply goods or services to Council.

This registration process will allow Council to capture relevant business information (e.g. capabilities and willingness to provide certain goods and/or services to Council) in central databases, thereby allowing Council to notify businesses of relevant supply opportunities.

Depending on the contract value and service or supply category, Council officers will initiate one of four procurement processes (as referenced below). 

Method of Engagement Supply / Service Categories
​Register of Pre-Qualified Suppliers  Suppliers that provide the following services must be pre-qualified to receive quote requests from Council:
  • Minor Works (road construction & maintenance)
  • Wet Hire
  • Dry Hire
  • Vegetation Management
  • Water Cartage
  • Trades & Associated Services
  • Accounting Services
  • Onsite Crushing Services

Traffic Management Services

​Public Tenders ​For complex projects, or projects with a value of greater than $200,000 exclusive of GST. 
General Quotations For contracts with an estimated value of less than $200,000 ex GST

(excluding plant hire, trade services, accounting / audit services, traffic control etc.)

​Local Buy Contracts

Council will engage suppliers for specialist services (e.g. engineering and design services, architecture, bitumen sealing etc.) via Local Buy.

These services are not covered by Council's pre-qualified supplier arrangements. 

For more information on how to register your interest to receive notification of quote/tender requests, please click here.

  • Local Buy is a procurement partner for local governments and provides panels of pre-qualified suppliers for councils to use without the need to go to public tender. Click here for further information.

    Local Buy are providing an opportunity for local suppliers to join their pre-qualified panels of suppliers for the supply of a range of goods and services, with the opportunity to respond to tenders from councils through Local Buy.

    Over the next few months, panels will be released fortnightly via tender on LG Tender Box and will provide further instructions on how suppliers can apply.

    Businesses can register with Local Buy through LG Tender Box to ensure they receive these notices.

    For more information please call the hotline available to all interested suppliers - 1800 LB HELP (1800 524 357) or visit the Local Buy website

  • As a person conducting a business or undertaking under Work Health and Safety law, Maranoa Regional Council has several duties in relation to ensuring the health and safety of workers and others. To assist in meeting these duties, Council requires all contractors to be registered through our Contractor Management System (Beakon) before they can commence work.

    Council will use the Beakon platform to provide efficiencies in its induction and compliance management processes with the goal of minimising duplication of contractor information requests.

    In the initial implementation of the system, businesses will not be required to upload compliance information (e.g. licences, insurance details etc.). The first implementation phase will focus on the delivery of the online induction.

    To find out how to register you can read about How to Register your Business with Council​  or Online Induction – Contractor User Guide​, or view the quick tutorial video below.

Ready to go?

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Please note - once the self-registration form is submitted you will receive a confirmation email from Beakon. If you did not receive the email, please check your Junk Email folder. Your submission will be reviewed for approval by Council’s Procurement Team during normal business hours. Please allow up to 2 Business days for review and approval. Once approved, you will be able to proceed with the induction process.

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