Pets and Animals

What We Do​​​​​

We administer State Government Legislation in relation to animal management, and a number of local laws developed by Council relating to animals, community and environmental management.

We provide a high level of response to animal control issues and help ensure compliance with the laws to support community safety within the region.  We assist in community education and implementation of regulatory compliance, investigations, inspection and monitoring of Council's local laws, delegated state and other government legislation.

Our services include management of the Roma pound facility and provision of an afterhours emergency response service for urgent animal control issues i.e. dog attacks.

We work with the community to encourage responsible ownership of animals and uphold community standards across the entire Maranoa Region. This includes responding to requests relating to:

  • Animal registrations
  • Wandering animals
  • Dog attacks
  • Barking dogs and barking collar hire
  • Cat and dog trap hire
  • Prohibited animals – what you can and can't keep in a town area
  • Excess animals
  • Adoption and rehoming
  • Overgrown and unsightly allotments
  • Abandoned Vehicles