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Planning and Building Searches

Planning and Development Certificates

Planning and Development Certificates include development information relating to a particular property (to the extent the information is available).  There are three types of Planning and Development Certificates that may be applied for, including; Limited, Standard and Full. 

​An Application Planning and Building Search can be used for town planning certificates and building records.​ 
Both the Standard and Full Planning Certificates will include a copy of every decision notice or negotiated decision notice for a development approval in effect for the premises (if these are available).  A Limited Certificate does not include copies of development approvals for a premises. 
The length of time required to prepare a certificate varies between each type, as follows:
  • Limited – 5 business days
  • Standard – 10 business days
  • Full – 30 business days

A Planning and Development Certificate may be obtained by completing and submitting the search form to Council and making payment of the applicable fee. 

Building Searches

There are three types of building searches. Fees apply for each type of search.

Building searches do not include copies of any building plans or documents, other than the certificate when specified in the details of the search below.

Information on types of building searches.

  1. Building records search   
  • Advises whether Council has a record of approved building applications, final certificates and certificate of application.
  1. Request for Building Compliance Inspection (Including building record search)
  • Inspection confirms Council building approval records exist for buildings constructed onsite.
  1. Certificate of Classification 
  • Advises whether Council has a record of a certificate(s) of occupancy (formerly referred to as a certificate of classification) for a commercial or multiple dwelling premises. A copy of the certificate is included (if applicable).