Demographics and Statistics

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Quick Stats


Job opportunities await

Low unemployment sees Maranoa at 3.7% compared to Queensland's rate of 7.6% (2016).

With 68.2% of our labour force in full-time employment, we out do the national (57.7%) and state (57.7%) rates.

Affordable living

Yes, you can own your own home!

According to the median house price for the Maranoa on 2020 with $275,000.


Fewer students per teacher

Primary Students per Teacher: 11

Secondary Students per Teacher: 12

High School Completions: 45.3% (1.4% higher than average of comparison regions)

Students in the Maranoa receive greater individual attention and better communication with teachers in primary and secondary schools. This is demonstrated by fewer students per teacher in both school environments. The region also records higher levels of high school completions, providing a skilled workforce to local businesses


Enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle

Council continues to invest in new infrastructure across the region to encourage our residents to get out and be active. 


Easy flights and scenic drives

Daily one-hour flights from Brisbane to Roma Airport or enjoy a scenic drive or bus route to Toowoomba. 

Enjoy exploring our region

We have four beautiful National Parks as well as the world-famous Carnarvon Gorge. The Roma Saleyards is Australia's largest cattle selling centre. The Big Rig attraction is dedicated to the growth and development of the region's gas and oil industry. 

Work-life Balance

Spend more time with family

Over half of our population are couples or singles with children aged 15 years and under.

Every town has fantastic sporting, social and cultural facilities!

Instead of taking an hour to drive to work (with little to no traffic), it can take just minutes to travel the same distance, leaving more time to spend with your loved ones.