Council advocates to 2023 LGAQ conference on key issues facing the Maranoa region


At its Ordinary Meetings on 12 and 19 July 2023 and 9 August 2023, Mayor Tyson Golder and Councillors resolved to endorse the submission of key motions to the 2023 LGAQ Annual Conference.

This annual conference provides a platform for Councils across Queensland to come together to discuss critical issues facing our communities and build on ideas to reinforce the strength of the Local Government sector.

Mayor Tyson Golder said it is vital that Council raise issues affecting the Maranoa community and would like to see real change in relation to these motions.

“It is evident that there are big challenges that our communities will be facing in relation to these topics. I am very supportive of these motions going forward to the conference and to use the support of the LGAQ,” said Cr Golder.

The Council endorsed motions focusing on key challenges to the Maranoa region. These are:

  • Bank Lending Practice Reform to call on the State and Federal Government to urge banks to ensure equitable access to loans for all Queenslanders, especially for all regional and remote customers.
  • Bank Closures to call on the State and Federal Government to work actively with all banks to retain their presence in local communities.
  • Amalgamations of Rate Assessments requesting that the State Government reverse/ amend legislation to reduce the unintended impact on amalgamated assessments, especially on Queensland rural ratepayers.
  • Renewable Energy Project Contributions and Engagement with Local Communities to call on the State Government to introduce legislation and policy which requires proponents of renewable projects to make a ‘local benefit’ contribution to regional communities.
  • Insurance Premiums to call on the State Government to work actively with the insurance sector to keep premiums affordable for Queenslanders especially in relation to flood cover.
  • Youth Crime Mitigation Funding to call on the State Government for additional funding to work more closely with the Not-For-Profit sector in relation to positive youth outcomes.
  • Mobile Black Spot Program to call on the Federal Government to have better engagement in relation to the placement of mobile towers to ensure that they are placed in the right spot so that we can truly increase connectivity and reduce the digital divide.
  • Local Government access to Housing Funds for development to call on the Federal and State Government to provide low-cost funding or loans to Councils so that they can support the development of affordable housing to address the current housing crisis across Queensland.

Council remains active in raising awareness and advocating for regional solutions that support the Maranoa and all Queenslanders.