Councillor Johanne Hancock

Councillor Johanne (Joh) Hancock and her husband established themselves in the town of Surat in 2001. Drawn to the region's lifestye they have raised three sons on their rural property and own and operate local business 'Surat Post & News'.

During this time Joh has been a proud volunteer in her local and broader community serving as an active member and executive for many clubs and organisations - experiencing first hand how valuable volunteers are to the community. This approach supports her belief that the most valuable asset in the region is us, the people. 

A former employee of Maranoa Regional Council, she has a strong background in business, customer service, community development, tourism, arts and culture and sport and recreation. Joh is passionate about enhancing the liveability and sustainability of the region in her role as Councillor and believes that the Maranoa is a great place to live, raise a family, invest and visit.