Before You Dig Australia Services (BYDA)

Shovel and dirt

Before you dig, know what’s below

Before you break ground to undertake any form of earthworks, even as minor as fencing or landscaping, Maranoa residents should be aware of any underground infrastructure near the area that they are working in.

Maranoa is criss-crossed with underground services, including water, sewerage, electricity and gas and these can be located just under the surface. Inadvertently damaging these can incur significant costs to the homeowner, as well as cause loss of services to entire neighbourhoods.

It can also lead to serious injury and even death.

Before You Dig provides a one-stop search where those looking to dig can obtain information about underground networks at their proposed dig site without contacting utility organisations individually.

It’s easy to register and free to search.

Council also has an online mapping system that provides high-resolution aerial photos, scaled maps and other valuable geospatial information that can help you with your planning.



Before You Dig provides comprehensive guidelines, planners and all of the information that you need to successfully and safely plan your works.

Once you have lodged your Before You Dig enquiry and received plans and information, skilled locators can assist you in locating any relevant underground networks before commencing your project.