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Draft Water and Sewerage Customer Service Standards

Council invites residents to provide feedback on the Draft Water and Sewerage Customer Service Standards document. To view the draft document, click here.

Residents have until Friday, 17 March 2017 to submit comments by contacting Council’s Water Team via:

Phone: 1300 007 662

Email: wsg@maranoa.qld.gov.au.

Letter: PO Box 42

Mitchell QLD 4465

Water Charges

Maranoa Regional Council charges water fees across the region according to a consumption based system. Read more.

Water Connections

Landowners within one of Council's water supply service areas can apply for a connection or disconnection by writing to Council or calling in to complete an application at any Council office. Read more.

Water Meters

Water meters are read by Maranoa Regional Council twice a year, and display both black and red numbers. Read more.

Water Restrictions

Water is a precious resource and it is essential that every person cooperates to help preserve our limited supplies. Read more.


Maranoa Regional Council are keeping water restrictions in place all year round. Read more.


Maranoa Regional Council are required to share 2014/15 Performance Report Data. Read more.