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Maranoa Regional Council operates reticulated water networks in the towns of Amby, Injune, Jackson, Mitchell, Muckadilla, Mungallala, Roma, Surat, Wallumbilla and Yuleba. The water mains span a length of over 218 km.

Current Works

Maranoa Sewer Inspection Works

Maranoa Regional Council’s underground sewer system will be receiving a new lease on life after inspection and cleaning works are being completed in the towns of Roma, Mitchell, Injune and Surat.

Commencing the week of Monday, 12 February with the use of closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras, contractors will be internally examining and cleaning the sewer pipes.

While efforts will be made to minimise any potential toilet overflow, there is still a chance this may occur during the cleaning work. This is mainly due to the pressures that are sometimes encountered within the sewer pipe while undertaking the cleaning.

To further minimise this occurrence, you can assist by closing the toilet lid and placing a heavy object on top before the cleaning works commence.

Relining Solutions Pty Ltd will be notifying affected businesses and residents via a letter and/or door knock approximately 48 hours prior to commencing any cleaning works.

Council apologises for any inconvenience and thanks residents and businesses for their patience during this time.

To view maps of works in your area, click on the below.

Roma Map

Injune Map

Surat Map

For more information, or should you experience toilet overflow issues please call Council’s Water Team on 1300 007 662.  

Water Charges

Maranoa Regional Council charges water fees across the region according to a consumption based system. Read more.

Water Connections

Landowners within one of Council's water supply service areas can apply for a connection or disconnection by writing to Council or calling in to complete an application at any Council office. Read more.

Water Meters

Water meters are read by Maranoa Regional Council twice a year, and display both black and red numbers. Read more.

Water Restrictions

Maranoa Regional Council are keeping water restrictions in place all year round. 

To view water restrictions in your area (excluding Surat) click here.

To view Surat water restrictions click here. Take a look at the zone map for Surat here.


Maranoa Regional Council are required to share 2016/17 Performance Report Data. Read more.