Community Engagement Community Engagement

Within the realm of local government, community engagement refers to connections between government, residents and communities. Effectively used, it allows Council to gain a diverse range of perspectives and helps residents and communities gain a better understanding of local government processes.

Council recognises that decision making is enhanced through interaction and communication with the community and is committed to actively engaging with residents through a number of activities and forums, both structured and informal.

Find out about Council's key community engagement activities below.



Advisory Committees

Council has formed Advisory Committees to seek community and stakeholder input on key projects and businesses of Council.




Councillors 'Out & About'

Councillors get ‘out & about' every two months, visiting rural communities and towns to meet with residents and conduct road/facility inspections.



Project Specific Engagement Sessions

Organised forums where Councillors meet with the community to inform, consult or engage with residents on a specific topic.

Current project specific engagement activities include:



















Councillors also interact with community groups and committees by:

  • Attending a range of community group meetings to discuss local town issues on a monthly basis.
  • Participating in external/community committees, where invited and as nominated by Council.
  • Attending events and leisure activities where they can be available for informal conversations with residents.

Community Engagement Framework

Council has developed a Community Engagement Framework to provide a structured approach and increased opportunities for Councillors to engage with the community.

Read more about Council's commitment to engaging with residents throughout the Maranoa by downloading the Community Engagement Framework.