Animal Registration Animal Registration

Animal registration aims to reduce the number of ownerless and stray cats and dogs that adversely affect the environment and native fauna.

Registration also makes it easier for lost animals to be identified and reunited with their owners. This decreases the financial burden on the community by reducing the operating cost associated with animal control and the number of cats and dogs that are euthanased each year.

Download a Animal Registration Application Form and register your dog or cat at your local Council Customer Service Centre

Download an Excess Animal Application – Dog form here.

Download our latest animal registration fact sheets here: 

Local Law Requirements

All dogs over the age of three months must be registered with Council and the current registration tag must be attached to the animal. The annual registration period runs from 1 July to 30 June the following year. In urban areas, only two cats and dogs are permitted per household and one per attached unit.

Registration of cats is not compulsory, however Council encourages pet owners to have their cats microchipped and registered. This is the best way to identify a lost pet, especially since collars and tags can come off.

Registration Fees

A list of registration fees for cats and dogs can be found in Council's Fees and Charges Schedule.

Failing to Register or Renew your Registration

Where an authorised person identifies a dog as not being registered for the current financial year an infringement notice will be issued. The fine for failing to register a dog is currently two penalty units.

Deceased Pets

Council does not deal with deceased pets. It is your responsibility as the pet owner to dispose of any deceased animal responsibly and appropriately. You should also contact Council to remove your pets name from our animal register.

Change of Owner Details

It is the responsibility of the pet owner to contact Council of any changes relating to your pets including change of ownership, address or status of the animal eg. microchip number. To change your animals registration details please contact Council.