Road Works Road Works

Maranoa Regional Council is continually working to upgrade and maintain the region’s vast transportation network. This network contains footpaths, kerb and channelling, bridges and over 6,500 km of roads. Some of the works needed to keep these facilities up to standard include:

  • Re-constructing roads and footpaths
  • Street sweeping
  • Line marking
  • Grading gravel roads
  • Repairing bridges

Council’s prime objective is to provide these services at a standard acceptable to the community in the most time efficient and cost effective manner.

Road works fall under three different categories including Capital Works (Major road works that upgrade existing roads, footpaths or drainage), Maintenance Repairs (Works necessary to maintain the expected high standard of roads and infrastructure throughout the region) and Resource Sector Works (Road upgrades due to increased traffic movements and expansion of the road network required for the coal seam gas industry).

Road Registers Road Registers

Maranoa Regional Council approved and adopted the current versions of the Urban Road Register and Rural Road Register at its General Meeting held on 16 December 2015.

The registers list and map the extent of all roads for which Maranoa Regional Council accepts responsibility. The registers are to be read in conjunction with Council's Register of Roads Policy.

Appeals and amendments to the Road Registers can be made in accordance with Section 4.5 of the Register of Roads Policy.