Natural Gas

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Price in​​​formation

The pricing system for the Natural Gas network consists of a minimum monthly charge and a charge per megajoule consumption rate.

Residential customers will receive a natural gas tax invoice quarterly. Businesses have the option of either monthly or quarterly billing.

Gas meters record usage in cubic meters which is converted to megajoules for billing purposes.​

See Council's Fees and Charges Schedule for the current pricing tariffs. The Natural Gas Contra​ct is about the sale of gas to you as a small exempt customer at your premises. It is a standard gas sale contract that starts without you having to sign a document agreeing to these terms and conditions.  ​​

Understand my usage - how to read my bills

We know there's quite a lot of information on your bill, but it's all there to help you understand your energy charges and usage. 

Have you recently received a higher than usual bill? Read our high bills checklist for homes and business's. For more information on Gas Space Heaters click here or Gas Water Heaters click here​.

Financial Hardship

Staying on top of your bills can sometimes be hard.  Maranoa Regional Council is committed to providing assistance and ongoing support to residential natural gas customers experiencing financial hardship. Read more

New Customers and Gas Reconnections

Maranoa Regional Council is able to supply natural gas to residents and businesses in Roma, if located near the current gas network. New connections can be requested by contacting CouncilStandard connection fees apply to installation of new connections as outlined on the Gas Tariffs (Fees and Charges Schedule) page.

To determine if your property is able to be connected to the natural gas network, please submit a Natural Gas Expression of Interest Form​​ to Council.

Once Council has determined if your property can be connected, an Application for New Gas Connection will be forwarded to you.  This form must be submitted and any relevant fees paid before work can commence.

What if I already have natural gas connection at my property?

New residents who have moved into a property which already has a connection to the natural gas network will need to submit a Natural Gas Reconnection Form. New customers must provide photo identification and may be required to pay a reconnection fee.​

For more information regarding Natural Gas Reconnections. Read more

Gas reconnection

Customers seeking a gas reconnection will be required to complete a Natural Gas Reconnection Form and make payment of reconnection fees prior to Natural Gas being reconnected at your premises.

If Council has disconnected your gas supply due to non-payment of an account, the gas will only be reconnected when all outstanding monies have been paid in full.  Customers will be charged a reconnection fee and may be charged a security deposit, with both being payable prior to reconnection.

Upon payment of fees, Council will reconnect a customer's gas supply as soon as possible. Read more

Gas Disconnections

In some circumstances, Council may need to disconnect your gas supply.  Any disconnection must follow the rules outlined in the Gas Industry Code. The Code sets out rules for gas retailers and distributor including service standards, marketing conduct and disclosure of information to customers. Customers will be required to complete a Natural Gas Disconnection Form​​ to have their gas supply disconnected. Read more​

Reticulated Natural Gas Rebate

The Reticulated Natural Gas Rebate currently provides a rebate to eligible Queensland Pensioners and Seniors using Natural Gas.

How to apply

To apply for the rebate, customers will need to complete a 

Queensland Government Reticulated Natural Gas Rebate​​ form and submit to Council for verification with Centrelink.​ Read more

Gas Suppliers

Maranoa Regional Council is able to supply natural gas to residents and businesses in Roma, if located near the current gas network.  Read more

Gas Consumer Rights & Complaints

As a gas customer, you have rights regarding pricing and resolving disputes with suppliers. Read more.

If you have a complaint relating to our service please contact us as soon as possible.

You can submit a complaint in the following ways:

In writing to:
The Governance/Complaints Officer
Maranoa Regional Council
PO Box 620
Roma QLD 4455

By phone: 1300 007 662

By email: Internal.review@maranoa.qld.gov.au

Council values feedback from its customers and is committed to working together to resolve all enquiries and complaints under Council's Complaint Management Policy and Process.

If you have been unable to resolve an issue with Maranoa Regional Council please contact the Energy and Water Ombudsman Queensland (EWOQ) by any of the following methods:

Telephone: 1800 662 837

Email:  complaints@ewoq.com.au  ​

Web: https://www.ewoq.com.au/

​​The Energy and Water Ombudsman Queensland (EWOQ) is a free, fair and independent dispute resolution service for unresolved complaints with your electricity, gas or water supplier.

Energy and Water Ombudsman Queensland logo.png

What to do in an emergency

Natural gas is a colourless and odourless gas that is lighter than air and will rise in the event of a gas leak.  As a safety precaution an odorant is added to give Natural Gas its distinctive smell and to ensure quick detection in case of a gas leak.  Read more