Lodging an Application

​​​​​Pre-Lodgement Meetings

Before lodging an application Council encourages all applicants to contact Council to arrange a pre-lodgement​ meeting. This meeting will provide an opportunity for applicants to discuss and consider any constraints or concerns about their application before fully committing to a proposal. Council will also provide advice to applicants about the application process and requirements.

To arrange a pre-lodgement meeting or if you require assistance in lodging your application please contact Council's Building or Planning Department on 1300 007 662.

Development Application

For a development application to be properly made the application must consist of the following:

  • DA Form 1
  • Landowners consent
  • Proposal Plans (including site plan, floor plan and elevations)
  • A written report that explains the proposed development and that addresses the relevant code criteria of the planning scheme.
  • Application fee (Fees and Charges Sch​edule)

Building Application

When submitting a building application the application must consist of the following:

​Please use the building application requirement checklists to assist you with your application:​
Plumbing Application

When submitting a plumbing application the application must consist of the following:

​An Application Planning and Building Search can be used for town planning certificates and building records.​ 
An Application for Sewerage and Asset Plans can be used for sewerage and asset plans​.

How to Lodge an application

Maranoa Regional Council offers several ways to lodge development application being in person, via mail or email.

  • In person

You can lodge your development application in person at any of Maranoa Regional Council offices.

  • Mail

You can also send your application via mail:

Maranoa Regional Council
PO Box 620
Roma Qld 4455

  • ​​Email

You can lodge your development application via email to planning@maranoa.qld.gov.au or your building and plumbing applications to building@maranoa.qld.g​ov.au​.​