Mayor Tyson Golder

Councillor Tyson Golder and his wife Natalie operates Golders' stores in Roma, Toowoomba and Longreach. The first 'Golders' was founded in Roma, By Tyson's grandfather Harold Golder back in 1927. Tyson's father, Alf Golder, a former Councillor, continued to run the family business until Tyson and his wife Natalie took over the helm.

Tyson strives to meet the needs of our community by really listening to locals. The regular engagement with resident that comes with operating a local business has provided him with a strong foundation to better understand how to serve the people of the Maranoa by hearing and considering residents' points of view.

As Mayor of the Maranoa Regional Council, Tyson advocates for growth in employment opportunities by increasing the liveability of our region.

He asks all local industries to live local and buy local, encourages local jobs, supports improving rural roads, expanding our tourism industry and continues to encourage his objective of Maranoa Regional Council gaining the reputation of the friendliest Council in Queensland. With the region having a great deal to offer visitors, with each of our towns offering unique experiences, Tyson is excited to help shine a spotlight on our region's tourism industry in both the Maranoa as well as across Australia and Internationally.

Tyson believes there is no better place to visit, live work and raise a family than the Maranoa. As he travels throughout our region, talking with locals about their local issues, he is continuously impressed by the enthusiasm residents have for each of our communities.

Tyson believes the Maranoa is a beautiful place to live, with the people making it exceptional.