Our Priorities - what our priorities are and how we are doing Our Priorities - what our priorities are and how we are doing

Corporate Plan 2009-2013

Maranoa Regional Council's Corporate Plan encompasses Council's vision, mission, values and strategic intent for the next four (4) years. The plan forms the basis on which operational plans and strategies are developed and also aids Council in their decision making processes.

Community Engagement Plan 2009-2010

The Maranoa Regional Council consults widely with the community and encourages community participation in its decision-making. Council's Community Engagement Plan identifies with its Corporate Plan and links the two plans together indicating the type of community engagement.

Corporate Communication Strategy 2010-2014

Maranoa Regional Council is committed to establishing and maintaining effective two-way communication with residents, ratepayers, local business, community groups and visitors to the region, as well as staff and their families.

Maranoa Regional Economic Development Strategy

Maranoa Regional Council has taken the opportunity to prepare a regional economic development strategy that will help maximise our competitive advantages over the next five years.

Planning Scheme

Council is in the process of preparing a planning scheme and associated priority infrastructure plan for the whole local government area administered by Maranoa Regional Council. Until the new planning scheme is adopted the Maranoa Regional Council will adhere to the region's former planning schemes.

Land Protection

Maranoa Regional Council's Pest Management Plans and Stock Route Management Plans.