About Us - who we are and what we do About Us - who we are and what we do

History of Council

The formation of the Maranoa Regional Council occurred following the amalgamation of the former Councils of Bungil, Bendemere, Booringa, Warroo and Roma Town on March 15, 2008.

Contact Council

Details for contacting Maranoa Regional Council.

Service Charter

Maranoa Regional Council's Service Charter describes our organisation's commitment to delivering high quality service to our customers and clients. The Charter explains the level of service you can expect to receive when you deal with us.


Maranoa Regional Council has a Mayor and eight (8) Councillors who were elected for a four-year term, concluding in 2012. Councillors as elected representatives have a responsibility to ensure that the Council delivers high quality services in an effective and efficient manner and that its goals are achieved through collaboration with government, industry and community stakeholders and close involvement with their community. Members of the public can contact their elected members to discuss any issue relevant to Council.

Senior Management

The Maranoa Regional Council's Senior Management Team and a description of the their responsibilities.

Organisational Structure

The Maranoa Regional Council's operations are divided into four (4) departments plus executive services. Officers are specialists in many areas and provide advice and assistance to Council as and when required. The Chief Executive Officer manages the affairs of Council on a day-to-day basis and has the authority under the Local Government Act 2009 for many functions and is also delegated authority by the Council to make decisions on certain matters where it is lawful and expedient for the decision making power to be delegated. The Chief Executive Officer can further delegate some powers to Officers.

Key Portfolios

An overview of the key portfolios for Council's Organisational Structure.

Annual Report

The primary tool for external accountability is the Annual Report. Here you will find Maranoa Regional Council's 2009/2010 Annual Report and the inaugural 2008/2009 Annual Report. An annual report is prepared to show the community and interested users how successful Council has been in achieving the strategic goals and objectives outlined in its Corporate Plan. The Annual Report contains detailed financial and non-financial information about Council's activities and performance.