Residential Waste Collection

​Maranoa Regional Council provides a residential waste collection service for domestic waste within all designated town areas in the Maranoa region.

This kerbside bin service sees Council’s contractors collect wheelie bins in each of the towns on designated days each week.

From 1 July 2016, contractors will be commencing a new contract period. With a fresh contract set to be in place from this date, the contractors will be required to carry out their work to the necessary standards, to ensure the residential waste collection service is undertaken in the safest and smoothest way possible into the future.

To make things as easy as possible for your bin collector, and to ensure your bin is collected on your collection day, please be sure to familiarise yourself with the information below.

Putting Bins Out​

Waste collection services are undertaken in the following towns throughout the region:

  • Amby - Wednesday
  • Hodgson - Wednesday
  • Injune - Thursday
  • Jackson - Thursday
  • Mitchell - Monday & Tuesday
  • Muckadilla - Wednesday (industrial service only)
  • Mungallala - Wednesday
  • Roma - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday
  • Surat - Thursday
  • Wallumbilla -Thursday
  • Yuleba - Thursday

Download a map of waste collection zones across the region​.

Place your bins on the kerbside prior to 5am the day of your collection. It is recommended that you place the bin kerbside the night before to ensure your bin is emptied.

When placing your bin kerbside, be sure the bin faces the road (the bin lid should open towards the road and the handles should be facing your property). The bin should also be no more than 1 metre from the kerb. If you have more than one bin, be sure they are more than 30 centimetres apart.

Bins awaiting collection must be placed so as to not block footpaths or driveways. Bins should be placed clear of parked cars, trees and poles to allow clear access by the contractor’s collection vehicle.

After your bin collection day, please return your bin to your property at your earliest convenience.

Filling Your Bin

For health reasons, please be sure to bag all of your rubbish before placing it in the bin. This is so when the contractor picks up your bin, the rubbish does not fall out all over the collection vehicle and road when it is emptied.

Do not overfill your bin – bins with lids that cannot close, or bins that are over 80 kilograms will not be picked up. The vehicle used to collect the bins cannot lift the bin properly if they are too heavy or overflowing. Additionally, any rubbish that is placed outside of the bin will not be collected.

As this is a residential waste service, there are materials that are not to be placed in your bin – these include building materials (bricks, tiles, etc.), corrosive or acidic chemicals, car batteries, paints, oils, syringes, hot ashes, gravel or concrete (just to name a few). If the waste is not ‘domestic’ (i.e. rubbish from the home), please don’t put it in the bin.

Residents are also asked to avoid placing grass clippings in bins if possible. Grass clippings can become stuck in the bin, and this makes it difficult to empty the bin completely. If you need to place grass clippings in your bin, please place them in a bag and tie it off at the top.

For further information about what you can put in your bin, be sure to give Council’s Environmental Health and Waste team a call on 1300 007 662.

Tips to Ensure Your Bin is Collected

To ensure your bin is collected each week, make sure that:

  • Your bin lid will close
  • Your bin isn’t too heavy (limit is 80 kilograms)
  • Your bin isn’t too close to other objects (e.g. vehicles, trees or power poles)
  • There is a gap of no less than 30 centimetres between bins if you have more than one bin
  • Your bin is outside your property by 5am on collection day.

Tips to Reduce Waste

If planning on getting into the garden, it may be a good idea to start a composting system. To find out more about composting, click here.

Bills and junk mail can fill up a bin fast. Why not switch to online billing and fix a ‘No Junk Mail’ sign to your letterbox?

Re-using glass jars, plastic bags and cardboard boxes are a great way to recycle simple household items – and therefore reducing your waste volumes each week.

If you still are unable to reduce waste, visit any ref​​​use facilities within the region to deposit your excess waste free of charge.

Wheel-out, Wheel-back Collection Service

Did you know that Council offers a ‘Wheel-out, Wheel-back’ Service for residents needing a hand to place their wheelie bin on the kerb?

This service sees the contractor retrieve the wheelie bin, collect the rubbish, and then return the bin to the resident's property.

If you are physically unable to place your bin kerbside; and there is no other person residing at your property who can place your bin kerbside, you may be eligible for this service.

To obtain an application form, please call Council’s Environmental Health and Waste Team on 1300 007 662.​