Sport and Recreation in the Maranoa Sport and Recreation in the Maranoa

The Maranoa Regional Council area boasts a wide range of sports and recreational activities for both residents and visitors to enjoy.

Recreational activities include walking trails, picnic reserves, playgrounds, and skate parks. For the more athletic there is plenty on offer, whether your interest is in equestrian, or one of the many team sports such as rugby & netball, or maybe water sports is your preference, there is something for everyone.

Active Roma

Active Roma is a joint partnership between Maranoa Regional Council, Queensland Health, Australian Sports Commission, Department of Comunities (Disability Services) and Maranoa Health Enhancement Program.  They also have representation from various organisations including Department of Communities (Sport & Recreation Services). Our aim is to inspire healthy, active communities in the Maranoa Region by supporting residents to make healthy lifestyle choices including physcial activity and nutrition.

The site provides a great source of information and contacts in the local region to help you and your family be active and healthy.

Sport and Recreation Contacts

The Maranoa Region is host to a large number of Sporting and Recreational Clubs and Associations. For a full list and contact details go to Active Roma contacts page. 

Sport and Recreation Strategy and Trails Strategy

The Maranoa Regional Sport and Recreation Strategy focuses on maintenance and expansion of existing sporting facilities, parks, play spaces and pedestrian/cycle paths throughout the Maranoa Region.

The Trails Plan focuses on the future development and maintenance of a network of recreation trails throughout the Maranoa Regional Council area.

These strategies were adopted by Council on November 25, 2009.