Sewerage Sewerage

Maranoa Regional Council operates sewerage networks in the towns of Amby, Injune, Mitchell, Mungallala, Roma and Surat.  The sewer mains span a length of over 109 km.

Current works


Maranoa Regional Council would like to advise residents of the commencement of sewer manhole inspections.

Council staff will require access to residents’ properties to assess manholes. This will only be a visual inspection and will be undertaken once the manhole lid is removed (this will take approximately 30 minutes). Works have commenced and will continue until 30 June 2019.

Programmed maintenance inspections on sewer manholes is undertaken to determine their condition. These inspections allow Council to plan for a future renewal program and identify whether rehabilitation or replacement will be required.

If manholes are buried or covered, Council will raise manholes to surface level to ensure they are easily accessible at all times. Should this be required, Council staff will liaise with residents on a suitable time to undertake this work.

Council apologises for any inconvenience and thanks residents for their patience.

Click here to view a map outlining the location of manholes to be inspected. 

Should you have any queries or concerns, please contact Council’s Sewerage Team on
1300 007 662.



Maranoa Regional Council’s Roma Sewer Main Upgrade Project will commence next week within the Roma town area.

The project will include an upgrade to 21kms of Roma’s sewer mains and is set to begin on Monday, 7 January 2019 with works anticipated to take five months to complete (weather permitting).

Councillor David Schefe, Portfolio Chair for Utilities said that much of Roma’s sewer mains are reaching the end of their useful life and these upgrades are vital to ensure the effectiveness of the sewer network.

“Relining sewer mains is a cost-effective way to ensure the stability of the sewer network and will increase the longevity of the mains,” Cr Schefe said.

“The project has been designed to minimise disruption to residents, however disruptions, such as road closures and traffic delays may occur while works are underway.”

Please note that while works are taking place, residents are advised that some toilets may overflow. To minimise this occurrence, please be sure to close the toilet lid and place a heavy object on top before the works commence. If you experience toilet overflow issues, a cleaning service will be provided.

Insituform Pacific Pty Ltd will be notifying affected businesses and residents via a letter and/or door knock 48 hours prior to commencing any upgrade works.

Council apologises for any inconvenience and thanks residents and businesses for their patience during this time.

If you experience toilet overflow issues or would like more information, please contact Council’s Sewerage Team on 1300 007 662.  



If your business discharges any liquid waste to a sewer (other than domestic sewerage) then you require a trade waste approval from Council.

A trade waste approval will specify Council’s conditions for discharging trade waste into its sewerage system. The purpose of the approval is to manage the potentially adverse effects of waste, which can cause blockages or corrosion, undermine the sewerage treatment process or be harmful to people.

Trade waste approval is required for a wide range of business activities. Examples of business activities that require trade waste approval are:

  • Food and beverage preparation
  • Manufacturing, including food and beverages, textiles, leather, paper, wood and plastic, tanneries, wool processing, glass, plaster, resin, ceramic or brick manufacture and stone working
  • Farms or clubs using organic and inorganic fertilisers, weedkillers or insecticides
  • Mining
  • Abbatoirs and butchers
  • Metal processing, finishing, fabricating or engineering operations
  • Hospitals, dental clinics, veterinary clinics and educational, testing or research laboratories
  • Vehicle and plant-related businesses (including truck drivers, car parks and transport depots, panel beaters, spray painters, car washes, service stations, wreckers, plant, vehicle and equipment hire and washing)
  • Cleaning services, dry cleaning, carpet cleaning, bottle washing and laundry operations
  • Swimming pool operations
  • Any business activities that involve chemicals such as petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, inks, paints, photographic chemicals, soaps and detergents.

For more information on trade waste or applying for an application, please contact Council’s Sewerage Team on 1300 007 662.

Click here to view Council's Trade Waste Policy.