Service Charges Rebate Service Charges Rebate

Maranoa ratepayers whose homes were affected by the February 2012 flood event may be eligible for a rebate of water access, sewerage and garbage service charges.

Maranoa Regional Council is offering the Service Charges Rebate to ratepayers who were unable to live in their home due to flooding during the period 2 February– 31 December 2012.

Rebates will be calculated on a pro rata basis and will only apply for the period that the home was unoccupied.

To be eligible, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • The applicant was the legal owner of he property for the period being claimed
  • The property is the owner’s principal place of residence
  • There are no outstanding property rates
  • Rebate claim period falls within 2 February to 31 December 2012

Applicants can specify how they would like to receive the rebate – by cheque, Electronic Funds Transfer or as a credit on their rates account.

Residents applying for the Service Charges Rebate should complete an application form and return to Council with evidence such as photos, builder’s contracts or accommodation receipts.

For more information on Council’s Service Charges Rebate or to obtain a hard copy application form, contact Reception Services on 1300 007 662.