Stage 2A Stage 2A


Residents will be seeing an increasing amount of activity in Roma in the coming weeks and months with $6.5 million of additional flood mitigation now under construction.

Following on from the completion of the Stage 1 levee, Council has been working to secure funding and to finalise planning and other pre-construction activities for the next stage of flood mitigation in Roma.  The new works (referred to as Stage 2A), will include (once complete): 

  • Construction of a diversion channel (Eastern Diversion Channel) to the east of Bungil Creek;
  • An extension of the current levee (Western Levee) to the west of Bungil Creek.

Early works are being undertaken on the Eastern Diversion Channel with works on the levee to commence in the coming weeks.

Stage 2A is designed to work in conjunction with Stage 1 to reduce the risk of above-floor flooding for properties in Roma, should a flood event similar to 2012 occur.  The estimated number of properties to benefit from the infrastructure are:

  • Stage 1 - 480 properties;
  • Stage 2A - an additional 51 properties.

The works are scheduled to be completed by December 2018 (weather permitting).

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Given the size and value of the infrastructure, neither Stage 1 nor Stage 2A could have ever proceeded without the support of both the Federal and State Governments. Maranoa Regional Council acknowledges and appreciates their ongoing support for the project, including the following funding for Stage 2A:

$4.98 million Received from the Australian Government under the Commonwealth National Insurance Affordability Initiative.

$0.854 million Received from the Queensland Government under the Building our Regions fund.

$0.66 million Maranoa Regional Council contribution.


If you have would like more information regarding the Roma Flood Mitigation Project, please contact Council on 1300 007 662.