Stage 1 (Roma Flood Mitigation Project) Stage 1 (Roma Flood Mitigation Project)

The construction of the Stage 1 Levee has been completed. 

Significant flood events were experienced in the township of Roma in 2010 and 2011, with an unprecedented storm event in 2012 with wide reaching consequences to the Roma community.  As a result, Council commissioned flood studies of the Bungil Creek, applied for funding from federal and state governments and undertook a mitigation program to reduce the risk of above floor flooding in Roma.

Stage 1 flood mitigation works for the town of Roma were completed in early 2015.  Stage 1 consists of a 5.2km earthen levee preventing flood waters entering the town, extending just north of the Roma Airport, crossing the Carnarvon Highway, and then along the western side of Bungil Creek into Roma. 

Stage 1 Fast Facts

  • $20 million cost estimate
  • The Stage 1 Levee is designed to protect against a 1 in 1,000 year flood event
  • It is anticipated to reduce the above-floor flood risk for approximately 480 homes

Based on the flood modelling data available at the time of Council's decision, Stage 1 of the levee is expected to reduce the above-floor flood risk for approximately 480 homes, should our community experience another 2012 type flood. 

Roma Flood Mitigation Project's Stage 1 Levee is proudly supported by the Federal Government and Queensland Government in association with Maranoa Regional Council. 

Other milestones achieved:

Installation and commissioning of a 450m deep water bore at Roma Refuse Site.  This bore is producing 12 litres/second (approx. 1ML per day). This water is obtained from a different aquifer to Council's water bores, so it does not impact the water use of Roma residents and businesses.

Installation completed on 1.2ML water storage tank at Council refuse site.

Temporary waterway crossing installed at Bungil Creek – this provides access for earthworks plant across the creek, without impacting the public road network.

Funding Funding

Stage 1 Levee's total approved project cost of $21.06 million was funded through: 
$6.62 million contributed by Maranoa Regional Council for the Stage 1 Levee.
$4.7 million received from the Queensland Government under the South West QLD Flood Mitigation Fund.
$2.72 million received from the Queensland Government's Local Government Grants & Subsidies Program.
$5 million received from Queensland Government under the Royalties for the Regions program.
$2.02 million received from Australian Government under the National Insurance Affordability Initiative.

With Stage 1 now complete, Council has now commenced early works on Stage 2A.

Click here to find out more about Stage 2A.

Maranoa Regional Council have obtained state and federal funding towards Stage 2A Roma Flood Mitigation Project with the primary purpose to further reduce the risk to properties that remain susceptible to flooding from both regional and local flood events.