We know that many of our residents love their dogs and would like an off-leash dog park in Roma. 

We have identified a possible location for a dog park in the vicinity of Shady’s Lagoon, at the entrance to Adungadoo Pathway located off Charles Street.  This area has a number of established trees and is accessible for walkers and cyclists (via Adungadoo Pathway) and by car, with access to parking.

Council sought feedback on the support for an off leash dog park, the proposed location and the facilities that residents would like the park to include.  The feedback period was open from 6 April 2017 – 5 May 2017, with residents providing their responses through online and hard copy forms, via Council’s Facebook page and in person at two on-site engagement sessions with Councillors.

Council received a total of 127 completed feedback forms.  From a social media perspective, posting of the Roma dog park consultation has been one of the most popular Facebook posts that Council has issued to date.

An overwhelming majority of the feedback received was in favour of an off leash dog park being constructed.

Some key points identified from feedback received, included:

  • 93% of those who completed a feedback form advised that they would use a dog park (7% advised they would not).
  • Of those in favour of a dog park:
    • 99% would like a fenced area
    • 97% would like access to water for their dog/s
    • 92% would like seating
    • 90% would like doggie refuse bags and bins
    • 78% would like a shade structure
    • 47% would like lighting
    • 42% would like a noticeboard
  • Suggestions were made for a number of other facilities to be incorporated, including:
    • Agility/play equipment (i.e. ramps, tunnels, sand pit, sprinkler/water)
    • Separate areas for small and large dogs
    • Signage (rules or warnings)
  • 87% of those who completed a feedback form advised they thought the proposed location was suitable (with 9% advising the location was not suitable and 4% that did not answer the question).  Alternative suggestions included:
  • Railway Dam
  • Adungadoo Pathway (opposite the bridge to the Big Rig)
  • Some of these respondents raised their concerns that the suggested area was not large enough to accommodate needs
  • Dog Park being located 10km outside of the town of Roma

Some concerns identified from feedback received, included:

  • Risk presented by dogs that are not vaccinated, flea treated etc. using the park
  • Aggression (particularly between large and small dogs)
  • Space needs to be large enough for dogs to run around properly (larger than a back yard)
  • Preference for money to be spent on responsible dog ownership programs/controlling stray dogs
  • If the area is prone to flooding it will result in ongoing costs to ratepayers (in terms of maintenance and replacing fencing)
  • More important areas that need attention first (i.e. fencing of children’s parks)

A report collating the received feedback was presented to Council for review and further consideration at the General Meeting held on 10 May 2017, with Council resolving to include the project in future budget deliberations.  You can view the full report (as part of the agenda) and the meeting minutes here.