Latest update - week starting Monday, 30 January 2017

  • Installation of street furniture
  • Driveway and paving works underway on the western side of Arthur Street
  • General tidy up of temporary fencing


Stage 1 of the Roma CBD Upgrade is now underway, and will deliver key improvements to the McDowall and Arthur Street intersection including:

  • Enhancement of the CBD, making it an inviting space for visitors and residents to enjoy

  • Improved safety for pedestrians and motorists through relocation of crossings

  • Upgrade of the stormwater and drainage systems in the area

This stage of the project is estimated to cost approximately $2.2 million, and is an important long term investment in the region’s principle commercial hub, which offers a complete range of retail and professional businesses.

Council is committed to providing a vibrant and accommodating central business district for businesses, locals and visitors to enjoy.


The Roma CBD Upgrade was identified as a priority for residents and business owners as part of Council’s original Placemaking Strategy for Roma, which was issued in October 2011 as a basis for future planning.  

The collective views of the community have been considered in the planning and development of the project through the Roma CBD Advisory Committee.  Overwhelmingly, the community requested that the three (3) key elements now being delivered will make for a safer, more attractive CBD, incorporating necessary drainage system improvements.

Council has undertaken extensive planning in preparation for commencement of works.

Duration and overview of Works:

The duration of works is expected to take approximately 21 weeks, subject to weather and underground service requirements.  All going to plan, works are proposed to be completed just prior to the Christmas shopping period.

Works will be coordinated to minimise disruption to business, pedestrian and vehicle traffic.

Council has now consulted with key businesses in the direct area of construction to ensure that customer access to shops is maintained throughout the duration of works.  Council will continue to work with all business owners in the direct area as the project progresses.

Major site works will commence early August 2016, and works will include:

  • The removal and replacement of garden beds

  • Construction of new footpaths

  • Moving pedestrian crossings back from the intersection

  • Installing additional stormwater infrastructure

Check out the new look designs

By following the links below you can take a look at artist impressions of the completed project, view the new street furniture, and browse the proposed planting species and paver selection for your new look CBD.

Intersection design

Artists Impression – Looking along McDowall Street

Artists Impression – Looking along Arthur Street

Sample planting species

Paver selection for intersection corner footpaths

Street Furniture selection

Vehicle & Pedestrian traffic:

During construction, there will be interruption and detouring of vehicle and pedestrian traffic.

At all times throughout the works access to all businesses will be maintained, with on-site signage and detours clearly specified for the safety of pedestrians and motorists.  Please follow these instructions and notifications when visiting the Roma CBD.

During works there will be a temporary reduction of seventeen (17) car parking spaces on McDowall Street due to installation of temporary pedestrian crossings.  On completion of the project, there will be a permanent reduction of nine (9) car parks in the vicinity to accommodate for expanded meeting points to enhance the experience of residents and visitors in the Roma CBD. Shoppers in the CBD are encouraged to use the two public carparks located off Arthur Street.  

Road Closures

Road closures will the conducted in three (3) stages, with public notification to take place prior to commencement of each of the stages through a variety of communication forums, as well as on site signage and detours in the area of works.

Stage 1

  • Arthur Street, north from McDowall Street for approximately 80 metres

  • Closure period approximately one (1) month

Stage 2

  • Traffic control on McDowall Street during works for approximately 25 days

  • Total intersection closure 4 days (this will be scheduled to minimise impact as much as possible)

Stage 3

  • Arthur Street, south of McDowall Street for approximately 80 metres

  • Closure period approximately one (1) month

Location of site office

  • The worksite office will be located on Arthur Street, next to Golders

  • This will be the location of the site office for the duration of works

Laydown area

  • Council requires an area to stockpile/laydown materials for the works

  • This closes area, of least impact identified, is the Council car park near Landmark

  • It is estimated the area required for this purpose will impact approximately seventeen (17) car parks during construction

    • Eight (8) will be used for temporary crossings
    • Four (4) carparks to improve visibility and safety of the temporary crossings
    • Five (5) carparks to provide safe access and storage of machinery and materials 

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