Disclosure Log

A disclosure log makes information disclosed to an applicant under the Right to Information Act 2009 available to a wider public audience. Section 78A of the Right to Information Act 2009 provides that if an agency makes a decision in relation to an access application to give access to a document that does not contain personal information of the applicant, and the applicant accesses the document within the access period:

  • a copy of the document may be included in the disclosure log, if this is reasonably practicable; or
  • otherwise – details identifying the document and information about the way in which the document may be accessed may be included in a disclosure log.

Documents released to applicants under the Act will be progressively published via Council's Disclosure Log. Should you have any questions please contact the Governance Department on 1300 007 662 or by writing to:

Email: rti@maranoa.qld.gov.au

Post: The Chief Executive Officer
          Maranoa Regional Council
          PO Box 620
          Roma QLD 4455

The information posted in the Disclosure Log lists details of the requests made and the information provided in response to those requests, but does not include identifying details of the applicants.

Maranoa Regional Council Right to Information Disclosure Log Applications Received and Processed as of June 2016.

Application NumberDate of DecisionTopic/ Information RequestedTotal Number of PagesStatus
RT001Dark Water Road MaintenanceApplication Finalised
RT00212/02/2016Ivy Street Project553Application Finalised
RT0032/12/2015Certificate of Classification relating Derrick Road Roma2Application Finalised
RT00425/01/2016Animal Report15Application Finalised
RT00518/03/2016Animal Report17Application Finalised