Appeal Rights

Right to Review

If you are dissatisfied with the decisions made or the searches undertaken to locate documents related to your request, you may apply for internal review or Information Commissioner review of the decision. We encourage you to seek internal review as a first step as it may provide a more rapid resolution of your concerns.

Internal Review

Under section 80 of the Right to Information  Act 2009 you are entitled to seek an internal review of the decision made.

The internal review application must be made within 20 business dates of the date of this letter and be lodged in one of the following ways:


Post:                The Chief Executive Officer
                         Maranoa Regional Council
                         PO Box 620
                         Roma QLD 4455

External Review

If you do not wish to make an internal review application, you may apply immediately to the Information Commissioner for an external review of the decision.

An external review application must:

  • Be made in writing
  • Give details of the decision you are applying to have reviewed
  • Provide a postal or email address where the Information Commissioner can send you written notices
  • Be made within 20 days of the date of this letter; and
  • Be lodged with the Office of the Information Commissioner.

    Your application for external review can be submitted in the following ways:

In Person:         Level 8, 160 Mary Street, Brisbane QLD 4000


Fax:                  07 3405 1122
Post:                Office of the Information Commissioner
                        PO Box 10143
                        Adelaide Street
                        Brisbane QLD 4000

There is no fee for making either an internal or external review application. The Office of the Information Commissioner's website contains further information about your rights of review,