Regional Visitor Strategy Regional Visitor Strategy

Maranoa Regional Council has undertaken a process that considers the development of this strategy from a number of perspectives and elements that contribute to our community and region. Statistical, anecdotal and economic data that has been sourced from appropriate and qualified stakeholders delivers a balanced view and forms the foundation through which a future strategy can be developed. Maranoa Regional Council identified three vital sources of information used to inform this strategy.

These include:

  • Regional Industry Workshop 29 August 2010
  • Contribution of Visitors to the Maranoa Regional Economy, July 2010; AEC Group
  • Visitor Profile & Satisfaction (VPS) Project 07/07/08 – 03/09/08; Western Downs Region 2008

Full documentation is available for the Maranoa Regional Council and a summary of findings relevant to the Regional Visitor Strategy is included in attachments to this document.

The purpose of this strategy is to identify the major themes through which resources, funds and the strategic direction of the Maranoa Regional Council can be channeled to capitalise on the economic benefits of visitors to this region.

Maranoa Regional Council will create through this strategy a direct link with the Maranoa Regional Economic Development Strategy to capitalise on the visitor industry. As such, Council staff working in this field will be realigned from Council’s Community Development division to its Economic Development division. To achieve our desired results new opportunities will be identified, existing markets expanded and alternative strategies implemented to realign Council focus. This strategy will:

  • Identify key market areas relevant to the visitor industry – Strategy Themes
  • Engage industry stakeholders in a collaborative partnership
  • Develop practical tasks that deliver outcomes relevant to individual visitor strategies
  • Identify new stakeholders who have a role in the visitor industry
  • Provide resources and support to local tourism and development organisations to achieve results within their own local market.

The primary outcome of the development of the regional visitor strategy is to increase the number and duration of stay of visitors to this region translated into economic outcomes for our community.

Read the full Regional Visitor Strategy.