Rates, Fees and Charges Rates, Fees and Charges

Council rates and charges are levied half yearly.

Ratepayers should expect to receive their half yearly notices in August/September and February/March and will be provided 30 days to pay their rates to receive Council's discount for prompt payment (presently 5% on general rates only, providing full payment of all rates and charges, including arrears, are received before the due date).

For those properties receiving reticulated water, Council will also include water charges on half yearly notices.

Specific information on rates and charges can be viewed in the following Council's documents:

Supplementary notices may be issued to ratepayers at various times during the year to take account of changes in respect to services (for example, water and sewerage services associated with building a new house on vacant land or commencing a garbage service) to their property or in respect to their property's unimproved valuation (as advised by the Queensland State Government).

In the event that ratepayers are issued with a supplementary notice, Council will offer the same payment period of 30 days as main levy notices, together with Council's discount, as an incentive for prompt payment.


Sale of land for overdue rates

There are currently no properties available for auction. 

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Pensioner Rebates and Discounts
The Queensland State Government will subsidise (currently 20% to a maximum of $200.00 p.a.) rates for approved pensioners living in their principal place of residence, by way of a rebate.

Eligibility is based on meeting the requirements under the Queensland State Government Pensioner Rate Subsidy Scheme.

In addition, Council offers a pensioner rate remission on rates. Currently this remission equates to a rates concession of 50% on general rates (to a maximum of $307.50 p.a.) to eligible pensioners.

In order to qualify for both the Queensland State Government Subsidy and Maranoa Regional Council's Pensioner Remission concession the ratepayer must be the owner of the property and be the holder of a Pensioner Concession Card. In addition, the property must be their principal place of residence.

Ratepayers should be mindful that all rates and charges outstanding 30 days after the due date of the rate notice will attract interest at the rate of 11% per annum, compounding on daily balances.
Fire Service Levies

Urban:  Under the Urban Fire Levy Scheme, local governments have the responsibility of collecting fire levies on behalf of the Queensland State Government. The amount charged is prescribed by the State Government and charges differ depending on the associated building structure on the property.

Rural:  Council has the responsibility to collect fire levies charged in respect to designated rural fire areas within the region. Levies are based on the requirements of each local area brigade as set out in their budget for the ensuing twelve months. Council is required to agree to these levies annually.

Cost Recovery Fees and Charges

A Fees and Charges Schedule, which details all of Council's statutory fees and commercial charges, is set by Council each financial year and is available for inspection at Council's Administration Centres.

Rates and Water Certificate (Rates Search)
A rates and water certificate (or rates search) can be requested to ascertain the current rates position of a property.

The following information is provided on a Rates and Water Certificate:

  • Unimproved value
  • Current rates position
  • Water meter details (including special water meter reading)
  • Property related debt

To obtain rates and water certificate, simply complete an Application For Search Form and return to your local Council Administration Centre with payment of the relevant fee (payable by cash, cheque or credit card).

Please allow seven (7) working days from date of receipt for your Rates and Water Certificate to be completed.

Carbon Tax Removal Substantiation Statement

Electricity retailers and producers, natural gas retailers and bulk SGG importers that sell to customers are required to provide a written carbon tax removal substantiation statement to the ACCC identifying their estimated average cost savings from repeal being passed on to each class of customer for the 2014-15 financial year.

Being a natural gas retailer that sells natural gas to natural gas customers for the purposes of section 60FA(1) of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010, Council is required to provide a carbon tax removal substantiation statement to the ACCC.

Download a copy of Council's written carbon tax removal substantiation statement.

Further Information
If you would like more to know more or require assistance, please contact Council on 1300 007 662 or visit a Council Administration Centre located near you.


Pensioner Rebates and Discounts
The Queensland State Government will su