Residents who own a pool are required to register it with the Queensland Building and
Construction Commission (QBCC) and ensure it complies with safety standards by Monday, 30 November 2015.
What classes as a swimming pool?
A swimming pool is defined as an above or below ground structure principally used for swimming or bathing, including some models of portable pools and spas.
If your portable pool or spa can hold water at a depth of more than 200 millimetres, has a volume of more than 2,000 litres or has a filtration system, then the new laws apply to you. Pool laws don’t apply to fish ponds.
How do I make my pool compliant?
  • Get advice from a pool safety inspector about what to do to make your pool comply.
  • Get a pool safety inspector to do a formal inspection with a view of getting a certificate.
  • Contact Council’s Building Certification Team on 1300 007 662 for advice and more information.
  • Visit for more information and tips.
  • If you fail to register your pool by the end of November an on-the-spot fine can cost you over $200.

Please click here to view frequently asked questions about pool safety.