Planning Schemes and Maps Planning Schemes and Maps

Public notification of the Draft Maranoa Planning Scheme occurred between 12 September 2016 and 26 October 2016. Council are currently in the process of reviewing all properly made submissions and will respond to each submitter in due course.

Once a review of properly made submissions has been undertaken and resolved by Council, the Planning Scheme will be submitted to the Department of Local Government and Planning for a final State Interest Review. Once this has been undertaken by the State Government, Council will be in a position to resolve to adopt the Planning Scheme for use.

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Roma Planning Scheme

P1 - Town Map
P2 - Town Plan Areas - North West Sector
P3 - Town Plan Areas - North East Sector
P4 - Town Plan Areas - South East Sector
P5 - Town Plan Areas - South West Sector 
P6 - Town Plan Areas - Whole of Town 

R1 - State Controlled Roads
R2 - Good Quality Agricultural Land
R3 - Protected Areas
R4 - Bushfire Hazard Areas
R5 - Obstacle Limitation Plan - Roma Airport
R6 - 1 in 100 year Flood Event 

Bendemere Planning Scheme 

Booringa Planning Scheme 

Warroo Planning Scheme 

Bungil Planning Scheme

P1 - Area Overview
P2 - Injune Map
P3 - Muckadilla Map  

B1 - State Controlled Roads
B2 - Good Quality Agricultural Land
B3 - Protected Areas
B4 - Bushfire Hazard Areas
B5 - Mining Leases and KRA  

If you need further assistance with this area please do not hesitate to contact the Planning Department on 1300 007 662