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Maranoa Planning Scheme 2017

The Maranoa Planning Scheme and associated Planning Scheme Policies were adopted by Council on 27 September 2017.  The Planning Scheme and Planning Scheme Policies commence on 29 September 2017.  

The Maranoa Planning Scheme was prepared in accordance with the Sustainable Planning Act 2009.  The Planning Scheme was subsequently amended to align with the Planning Act 2017 which commenced prior to its adoption on 3 July 2017. 

The Maranoa Planning Scheme provides a single planning framework for the Maranoa region, streamlining local planning provisions and reducing assessment requirements.  The new planning scheme supports growth and guides the way land, buildings and structures are used and developed in the Maranoa area, enabling Council to plan for a sustainable future.

The Maranoa Planning Scheme supersedes the Bendemere Shire Planning Scheme, Booringa Shire Planning Scheme, Bungil Shire Planning Scheme, Roma Town Planning Scheme and Warroo Shire Planning Scheme. 

Maranoa Planning Scheme 2017 ePlan

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Maranoa Planning Scheme 2017

Part 1: About the Planning Scheme

Part 2: State planning provisions

Part 3: Strategic framework

Part 4: Priority infrastructure plan

Part 5: Tables of assessment

Part 6: Zones
Part 6.2.1: Rural zone code
Part 6.2.2: Rural residential zone code
Part 6.2.3: General residental zone code
Part 6.2.4: Township zone code
Part 6.2.5: Principal centre zone code
Part 6.2.6: Major centre zone code
Part 6.2.7: District centre zone code
Part 6.2.8: Industry zone code
Part 6.2.9: Community facilities zone code
Part 6.2.10: Recreation and open space zone code

Part 7: Local plans
Part 7.2.1: Injune local plan code
Part 7.2.2: Mitchell local plan code
Part 7.2.3: Roma local plan code
Part 7.2.4: Surat local plan code
Part 7.2.5: Wallumbilla local plan code
Part 7.2.6: Yuleba local plan code
Part 7.2.7: Central living precinct code
Part 7.2.8: Roma Airport precinct code
Part 7.2.9: Wallumbilla South gas hub precinct code

Part 8: Overlays
Part 8.2.1: Agricultural land overlay code
Part 8.2.2: Extractive resources overlay code
Part 8.2.3: Biodiversity areas overlay code
Part 8.2.4: Heritage overlay code
Part 8.2.5: Flood hazard overlay code
Part 8.2.6: Bushfire hazard overlay code
Part 8.2.7: Infrastructure overlay code
Part 8.2.8: Airport environs overlay code

Part 9: Development codes
Part 9.3.1: Accommodation uses code
Part 9.3.2: Home based business code
Part 9.3.3: Extractive industry code
Part 9.3.4: Market code
Part 9.3.5: Rural uses code
Part 9.4.1: Operational works advertising devices code
Part 9.4.2: Operational works excavation or filling code
Part 9.4.3: Operational works infrastructure code
Part 9.4.4: Operational works landscaping code
Part 9.4.5: Reconfiguring of a lot code

Schedule 1: Definitions

Schedule 2: Mapping
Strategic Framework Maps
Schedule 2.2.1: Roma Strategic Framework Map
Zone Maps
Schedule 2.3.1: Whole Region Zone Map
Schedule 2.3.2: Amby Zone Map
Schedule 2.3.3: Injune Zone Map
Schedule 2.3.4: Jackson Zone Map
Schedule 2.3.5: Mitchell Zone Map
Schedule 2.3.6: Muckadilla Zone Map
Schedule 2.3.7: Mungallala Zone Map
Schedule Roma Zone Map
Schedule Roma Town Centre Zone Map
Schedule Roma North West Zone Map
Schedule Roma North East Zone Map
Schedule : Roma South West Zone Map
Schedule Roma South East Zone Map
Schedule 2.3.9: Surat Zone Map
Schedule 2.3.10: Wallumbilla Zone Map
Schedule 2.3.11: Yuleba Zone Map
Local Plan Maps
Schedule 2.4.1: Injune Local Plan Map
Schedule 2.4.2: Mitchell Local Plan Map
Schedule 2.4.3: Roma Local Plan Map
Schedule 2.4.4: Surat Local Plan Map
Schedule 2.4.5: Wallumbilla Local Plan Map
Schedule 2.4.6: Yuleba Local Plan Map
Schedule Roma Airport Precinct Map
Schedule Roma Airport Precinct Map
Schedule 2.4.8: Roma Central Living Precinct Map
Schedule 2.4.9: Wallumbilla South Gas Hub Precinct Map
Overlay Maps
Schedule 2.5.1: Agricultural land overlay code refers to the SPP Mapping
Schedule Airport environs obstacle limitation surfaces - Roma Airport
Schedule Airport environs light restriction zone and buffer area- Roma Airport
Schedule Airport environs wildlife hazard buffer area - Roma Airport
Schedule 2.5.3: Biodiversity overlay code refers to the SPP Mapping
Schedule 2.5.4: Bushfire hazard overlay code refers to the SPP Mapping
Schedule Extractive resources overaly code refers to the SPP Mapping
Schedule Mineral, coal and petroleum resources refer to the MinesOnlineMaps
Schedule 2.5.6: Heritage overlay code refers to the SPP Mapping
Schedule Infrastructure overlay code refers to the SPP Mapping
Schedule Infractructure overlay (Electricity)
Schedule 2.5.8: Level one Mapping - refer to the SPP Mapping within the Natural hazard section
Schedule Amby flood hazard map
Schedule Injune flood hazard map
Schedule Mitchell flood hazard map
Schedule Muckadilla flood hazard map
Schedule Mungallala flood hazard map
Schedule Roma flood hazard map
Schedule Surat flood hazard map
Schedule Wallumbilla flood hazard map
Schedule Yuleba flood hazard map

Schedule 3: Priority infrastructure planning and supporting material
Schedule 3: PIP Map 1 - Roma PIA
Schedule 3: PIP Map 2 - Wallumbilla PIA
Schedule 3: PIP Map 3 - Yuleba PIA
Schedule 3: PIP Map 4 - Injune PIA
Schedule 3: PIP Map 5 - Mitchell PIA
Schedule 3: PIP Map 6 - Surat PIA
Schedule 3: PIP Map 7 - Roma Transport
Schedule 3: PIP Map 8 - Roma Water
Schedule 3: PIP Map 9 - Roma Sewerage
Schedule 3: PIP Map 10 - Roma Stormwater
Schedule 3: PIP Map 11 - Roma Parks
Schedule 3: PIP Map 12 - Wallumbilla Transport
Schedule 3: PIP Map 13 - Wallumbilla Water
Schedule 3: PIP Map 14 - Wallumbilla Parks
Schedule 3: PIP Map 15 - Yuleba Transport 
Schedule 3: PIP Map 16 - Yuleba Water 
Schedule 3: PIP Map 17 - Yuleba Parks 
Schedule 3: PIP Map 18 - Injune Transport
Schedule 3: PIP Map 19 - Injune Water
Schedule 3: PIP Map 20 - Injune Sewerage
Schedule 3: PIP Map 21 - Injune Parks
Schedule 3: PIP Map 22 - Mitchell Transport 
Schedule 3: PIP Map 23 - Mitchell Water
Schedule 3: PIP Map 24 - Mitchell Sewerage  
Schedule 3: PIP Map 25 - Mitchell Parks
Schedule 3: PIP Map 26 - Surat Transport 
Schedule 3: PIP Map 27 - Surat Water 
Schedule 3: PIP Map 28 - Surat Sewerage
Schedule 3: PIP Map 29 - Surat Parks

Schedule 4: Notations required under the Planning Act 2016

Schedule 5: Designation of premises for development

Schedule 6: Planning scheme policies (see below)

Schedule 7: Parking standards

Appendix 1: Index and glossary of abbreviations and acronyms

Appendix 2: Table of amendments



Below are the superseded planning schemes and maps:

Roma Planning Scheme

P1 - Town Map
P2 - Town Plan Areas - North West Sector
P3 - Town Plan Areas - North East Sector
P4 - Town Plan Areas - South East Sector
P5 - Town Plan Areas - South West Sector 
P6 - Town Plan Areas - Whole of Town 

R1 - State Controlled Roads
R2 - Good Quality Agricultural Land
R3 - Protected Areas
R4 - Bushfire Hazard Areas
R5 - Obstacle Limitation Plan - Roma Airport
R6 - 1 in 100 year Flood Event 

Bendemere Planning Scheme 

Booringa Planning Scheme 

Warroo Planning Scheme 

Bungil Planning Scheme

P1 - Area Overview
P2 - Injune Map
P3 - Muckadilla Map  

B1 - State Controlled Roads
B2 - Good Quality Agricultural Land
B3 - Protected Areas
B4 - Bushfire Hazard Areas
B5 - Mining Leases and KRA  

If you need further assistance with this area please do not hesitate to contact the Planning Department on 1300 007 662