What is a petition?
A petition is a formal, written request, signed by a minimum of ten persons, presented to Council regarding any matter of community interest or requesting Council to take action.

What are the rules for petitions?
Petitions should adhere to certain standards that ensure the message is conveyed in a clear and succinct manner, including:

  • An original document prepared using the preferred template (photocopies will not be accepted)
  • Details of the request, suggestion or grievance and name of the principal petitioner on each page
  • Each page must be numbered (e.g. 1 of 5, 2 of 5…)
  • Be clearly written or printed and be free from erasures or alterations
  • Have no letters, affidavits or other documents attached
  • Be respectful and not contain offensive, defamatory, indecent or abusive language or substance
  • Have no requests for grants of public money or remission of any duties.

What are the procedures for signing the petition?
The petition must be signed by at least 10 persons, each only signing once directly onto the petition form and not pasted or otherwise affixed or transferred to the petition. The signatory pages must also contain the wording of the petition on each page.

Who do I address the petition to?
The petition must be addressed to the Chief Executive Officer and be either:

  • posted to Maranoa Regional Council, PO Box 42, Mitchell, QLD 4465; or
  • hand delivered to a Customer Service Centre

Petitions handed or sent to an individual Councillor will not be accepted.

How is the petition actioned?
Once received, a petition to Maranoa Regional Council will be placed on the next agenda for a General Meeting.

When the petition has been tabled at a General Meeting it will be received and noted in the minutes and the lead petitioner will be sent a letter advising that Council has received the petition.

Council will generally refer the matter to the Chief Executive Officer for further investigation.  A report will be prepared and presented to Council at a later meeting for a decision.

How do I know a decision has been made?
Once the report has been tabled at a General Meeting and considered by Council, the principal petitioner will be sent a letter informing them of Council’s decision.

Download the template for petitions to Maranoa Regional Council