Roma Saleyards hold event for effective National Stock Standstill

​This workshop was attended by all saleyards user groups as well as State and National bodies and local emergency services.

A livestock standstill can affect anyone in the livestock industry including livestock owners, transporters, livestock agents, and staff working in abattoirs, feedlots and saleyards.

Livestock Standstills are declared by Government Departments and help limit the spread of highly contagious diseases by stopping all movement of livestock. It is a critical control measure whilst authorities conduct disease surveillance and tracing movements of potentially infected animals to identify where a disease may have originated or spread.

The scenario this year tested the effectiveness of the Roma Saleyards Draft Livestock Standstill Procedures in the event of an emergency animal disease outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease in Victoria which initiated a national livestock standstill.

Councillor Peter Flynn, Portfolio Chair of the Roma Saleyards said it was a great opportunity to test the Roma Saleyards Stock Standstill Procedures and for all stakeholders to provide feedback prior to Council adopting the procedures.

"The attendance of over 50 people saw plenty of robust discussion about potential emergencies that could cause a stock movement shutdown due to a disease outbreak in any part of Australia," Cr Flynn said.​

For more information about livestock standstills, please follow the link: