Roma Saleyards Interpretive Centre open every day

Visitors must adhere to the Queensland Government's 4 square metres per person rule by ensuring a maximum of 10 people are exploring the Interpretive Centre at any one time.

Upon entry, visitors are asked to sign in and wear the provided gloves while interacting with the displays. Visitors are also encouraged to use the provided hand sanitiser.

Every day, apart from Tuesdays, the centre will not be physically regulated however staff will be monitoring live CCTV footage to ensure compliance.

Upon completion of exploring the Interpretive Centre, visitors are encouraged to continue on with their journey.

All areas, except for the main administration building, remain limited to essential agents, registered active buyers with genuine intention to purchase, saleyard workers, Council staff, contractors and transport coordinators (one representative from each company).

Maranoa Regional Council thanks the community for their cooperation during these uncertain times.