Get Ready Maranoa

Step one: Make a plan

Formulate a contact list of friends and family who live out of town, doctors, insurance providers, utility providers and emergency accommodation options should evacuation be required suddenly.

Step two: Pack supplies
Assemble a waterproof emergency kit with enough supplies to last at least three days at home. The kit needs to include non-perishable food and water, a torch, battery powered radio, toiletries including tissues and hand sanitiser, face masks, disinfectant wipes, spare batteries, gas cooker, medication and board games to help pass the time. 

Step three: Check your insurance
Both renters and homeowners should be covered for disasters and should be familiar with their coverage details. Make sure your home and contents insurance cover is up-to-date and provides adequate cover for your unique needs. Call your insurer if you have questions about your policy. 

Cr Tyson Golder encourages residents to follow the three steps to get ready.

"This year we have learnt the unexpected can happen but one thing we do know is the annual severe weather season is almost here and we must do everything we can to be prepared to keep our community safe" Cr Golder said.

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Are you ready?​