Cat and fox trapping commences in the Maranoa

Council has received funding to employ a Feral Animal Control Officer who will be using cage traps to implement the program. No poison baiting will occur in these areas for feral cat and fox control.


It is recommended that domestic cat owners take the following steps to prevent pet cats being captured and mistaken for a stray or feral cat during this program:

  • keep your cat confined to your property
  • make sure your cat is identifiable by ensuring it is microchipped, wears a collar and is registered.


Upon trapping a cat, officers will check if the cat has a collar, has a registered tag or microchipped, to enable the owner to be identified. A cat identified as having an owner will be returned (compliance process may apply). All captured feral cats will be euthanised, reducing known risks to our community and the environment.


Council would like to take this opportunity to remind pet owners of their responsibilities in owning a cat or dog. It is important to remember that, by law, owners must ensure:

  • cats and dogs over 12 weeks of age must be microchipped and registered;
  • cats and dogs are confined to your property by maintaining a proper enclosure to prevent the animal from wandering or escaping your land.


For more information, please contact Council's Rural Land Services team on 1300 007 662.