Acceptance of construction and demolition waste at unmanned waste facilities in the Maranoa

Any person wishing to dispose of construction waste at any of the unmanned sites (Yuleba, Wallumbilla, Injune, Mitchell & Surat) will need to make an appointment through their local Council office, so an authorised person can attend and provide direction and undertake all recording in accordance with legislative requirements.

A person delivering waste, either in person or through someone else, must give the operator of a waste disposal site delivery information that details:

  • The type of waste being delivered (for example, construction and demolition waste, or a type of regulated waste)
  • If the waste is exempt, the type of exemption and evidence of any applicable certificate of exempt waste
  • Whether the waste was generated in the levy zone, non-levy zone or outside of Queensland.

Any person that delivers non approved waste to any unmanned site in the Maranoa will be invoiced for the type of waste delivered in line with the State's Waste Levy.

To make an appointment for disposing of construction and demolition waste, please contact Council's Environmental Health and Waste Team on 1300 007 662.