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Council Meeting Snapshot - 8 May 2019

Below are a number of highlights from today’s Council Meeting.


Solar Energy Design Assessment Report

Council today received the report and will proceed to detailed design for installation of Photovoltaic (PV) Solar Energy Systems at 13 Council facilities.


Queensland Fire and Emergency Services

A Memorandum of Understanding will be entered into with Queensland Fire & Emergency Services for the use of Council machinery and personnel as requested during a fire event.


Exchange items for the locomotive in Mitchell Memorial Park

The results of the survey were received and noted, with Council accepting on behalf of the community both the miniature train, tracks and carriage and the MAS 1540 Sleeping Car from Queensland Pioneer Steam Railway.


Proposed amendment to Maranoa Planning Scheme

The proposed amendments are in response to submissions received during the public consultation period for the draft planning scheme (prior to its adoption), an internal review, and feedback received from internal and external stakeholders since the planning scheme commenced in September 2017.


Lease of Paddock 9, Dargal Road

Council selected Glen Arden Cattle Co as the preferred Tenderer for Tender 19019 and will enter into final negotiations and execute the lease (2 years) if the terms are acceptable.


Road Infrastructure Agreement – Atlas Lateral Pipeline Project

Council will enter into a Road Infrastructure Agreement with Jemena Darling Downs Pipeline (3) Pty Ltd for the construction of the Atlas Lateral Pipeline Project.


Processes for the management of aggressive dogs

Council would like to highlight that the following fact sheets are available on Council’s website ( – ‘Dog Attacks are 100% Preventable’ and ‘Reporting a Dog Attack’.