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Council Meeting Snapshot - 27 March 2019

Below is a number of highlights from today’s Council meeting.

Bitumen Reseal Program 2018/19
RPQ Spray Seal Pty Ltd was selected as the recommended tenderer for the Bitumen Reseal Program, noting the tendered value of $1,853,542.57 inclusive of GST with the contract to be executed if the final terms are acceptable.

Water Network Asset Management Plan
Council received and endorsed the Water Network Asset Management Plan Version 2. The plan outlines how Council will manage the 264.762 kilometres of water main and associated infrastructure which has a replacement value of $76,774,265.

Mitchell Visitor Information Centre Accreditation
A letter of support will be provided to Booringa Action Group (BAG) for their application to become an Accredited Visitor Information Centre.

Master Planning for Mitchell Memorial Park and Train Swap Consultation
Council approved $5,000 towards the Master Planning for the park. A consultation session for the train swap items will be held on Wednesday, 3 April at 5.30pm at the Mitchell Shire Hall.

Destination Brand and Tourism Marketing Strategy
Council will enter into a formal agreement with Outback Queensland (OQ) to assist with the tourism marketing strategy, once satisfied with the final terms of the proposal.

National Livestock Identification System (NLIS) Compliance Scanning and Data Collection
AAM Operations Pty Ltd was selected as the recommended tender for NLIS Compliance Scanning and Data Collection at the Saleyards with the service agreement to be executed if final terms are acceptable.