My Maranoa Business - The Next Steps

The question asked of local governments everywhere is…. What are Councils doing to assist local business?   

From the perspective of Maranoa Regional Council, in 2015 Council first launched the My Maranoa Business Initiative. My Maranoa Business is essentially a list of actions where Council aims to contribute to the economic development of the region, and also provide practical assistance to individual local businesses where there is a public benefit in doing so – in this way doing what we can to remove impediments and giving businesses the best chance of success.

The list of actions are wide-ranging and include providing:

  • greater insight into Council’s purchasing processes, and why we need to do some things in certain ways;
  • opening up Council’s purchasing so that businesses have the opportunity to bid for the supply of goods and/or services;
  • marketing and promotion opportunities for the region’s businesses;
  • new ways of keeping the business community up to date with Council’s decisions and directions;
  • reduced administration for businesses where possible, while still meeting Council’s legislative obligations;
  • practical support to the business community where it counts the most.

The most significant initiative has been the development of a star rating system, to provide ‘truly local’ and ‘partly local’ businesses a helping hand initially in Council’s tendering processes. With the new tendering now operational, we have been listening to local businesses, and gathering further feedback on where Council’s priorities should be for the next stage of My Maranoa Business.

The most frequent feedback from the local businesses includes:

  • Seeking more information from Council about:
    • who is winning quotes
    • how much of Council’s procurement is through local businesses
  • Enabling all businesses to register for the star rating, for marketing and promotion opportunities;
  • Identifying opportunities for local businesses to quote on goods and services required for Council operations.
  • Suggestions for how the star rating (criteria) can be fine-tuned.

The attached draft Commitment Statement incorporates a number of additional initiatives that are a direct response to the ideas and suggestions received in the first 2 years of the My Maranoa Business Initiative. We thank all business owners who have talked with Councillors and Staff – this valuable input has helped shape the next stage of the My Maranoa Business priorities for Council.

However, before we commence implementation, the draft is being made available so that as many businesses and members of the community as possible can have a say on what is proposed.

We welcome your input so we can make sure we are working on the highest priorities for our community. 

To provide your feedback on the next steps of the My Maranoa Business Initiative, please click here.

To provide your feedback on the updated Star Rating, please click here.

To register your business with Council, click here.

Overview - My Maranoa Business

With a prosperous business community important in any thriving economy, Council has launched a number of initiatives that focus on strengthening links between local  government and local business.

My Maranoa Business is an initiative of Council, in partnership with the community, designed to promote inclusiveness through the widespread distribution of supply opportunities to Maranoa businesses.

An increasingly larger group of businesses will soon have the opportunity to become  involved, following the undertaking of significant work within Council and discussions with a number of pilot groups about the initiative.


The ‘My Maranoa Business’ initiative features a number of elements, including:

Procurement review – Improving transparency of Council’s processes and general awareness of how to supply to Council. Includes the launch of a ‘Doing Better Business with Council Guide’ for the business community.

Centralised procurement software – Provision of a central registration point for local businesses to ensure they receive notification of supply opportunities as they become available.

My Maranoa Business E-News – Individuals can now register for My Maranoa Business e-newsletters, to receive regular updates on tenders that Council awards at its General Meetings. This provides an awareness of imminent Council projects, allowing businesses to pursue sub-contractor opportunities. Registration is quick and easy, and can be completed online here.

Local Business Weighting – The assessment criteria within Council tenders will include increased recognition of truly local businesses. This recognises the important part ‘shopping local’ plays in the prosperity of the Maranoa economy and regional communities.

As it has not always been easy to determine where businesses are placed on this scale, and what is a truly ‘local business’, the My Maranoa local weighting system aims to clarify the local content rating. It is anticipated that once this has been secured, this local rating system will become a powerful promotional platform for businesses.


For more information about My Maranoa Business, please call Council’s Manager - Procurement & Commercial Services on 1300 007 662.