With a prosperous business community important in any thriving economy, Council is launching a number of initiatives that focus on strengthening links between local  government and local business.

My Maranoa Business is an initiative of Council, in partnership with the community, designed to promote inclusiveness through the widespread distribution of supply opportunities to Maranoa businesses.

An increasingly larger group of businesses will soon have the opportunity to become  involved, following the undertaking of significant work within Council and discussions with a pilot group about the initiative.


The ‘My Maranoa Business’ initiative features a number of elements, including:

Procurement review – Improving transparency of Council’s processes and general awareness of how to supply to Council. Includes the launch of a ‘Doing Better Business with Council Guide’ for the business community.

Centralised procurement software – Provision of a central registration point for local businesses to ensure they receive notification of supply opportunities as they become available.

My Maranoa Business E-News – Individuals can now register for My Maranoa Business e-newsletters, to receive regular updates on tenders that Council awards at its General Meetings. This provides an awareness of imminent Council projects, allowing businesses to pursue sub-contractor opportunities. Registration is quick and easy, and can be completed online here.

Local Business Weighting – The assessment criteria within Council tenders will include increased recognition of truly local businesses. This recognises the important part ‘shopping local’ plays in the prosperity of the Maranoa economy and regional communities.

As it has not always been easy to determine where businesses are placed on this scale, and what is a truly ‘local business’, the My Maranoa local weighting system aims to clarify the local content rating. It is anticipated that once this has been secured, this local rating system will become a powerful promotional platform for businesses.


Select your preferred logo!

As the local star rating logo will soon be available to appear on local business’  promotional materials, Council is keen to select the one preferred by the community.








Click here to nominate your preference.


A number of meetings will be held with pilot groups in 2015/16 to gather additional feedback and finetune processes.

For more information about My Maranoa Business, please call Council’s Specialist Business Development on 1300 007 662.