My Maranoa App My Maranoa App

What is it?

My Maranoa App is a smart communication tool connecting residents and visitors with community information and locations throughout the Maranoa - anytime, anywhere. Accessible via Apple iPhones and iPads and Android smartphones and tablets.

My Maranoa is a free download App available from Google and Apple stores. Once downloaded, information will be stored on the device enabling users to access information even if they are not in a 3G/4G or Wi-Fi location.

As a community partnership initiative, Maranoa Regional Council is offering free listings for local businesses and community service organisations, groups, clubs and events.

Why should I list on My Maranoa?

  • It's free
  • Reach a wide audience - (Australia now ranks number two in the world in terms of smartphone ownership)
  • Increase potential client base, club membership or event attendance
  • Share your details with new and existing clients, members and/or patrons
  • Direct users to your business, service or event using in-app navigation technology
  • Complement your existing marketing initiatives e.g. link your website
  • Connectivity - once downloaded your listing remains available on the user's device regardless of network connectivity.

How do I submit my listing?

Click below to submit for the business directory, community directory or events listing on My Maranoa.

Alternatively, call Maranoa Regional Council on 1300 007 662 and our staff will assist you with your listing.


















Where to from here?

  • Listing confirmation - once you have submitted your listing, Council will forward confirmation that it has been received.
  • Going live - you will receive an invitation to download My Maranoa - pass it onto your family, friends and colleagues.