Maranoa Flood Mitigation Maranoa Flood Mitigation

As a result of the 2010, 2011 and 2012 flood events, Maranoa Regional Council commenced investigations into flood mitigation for Roma, Mitchell and Amby.

Since this time, the Roma Flood Mitigation Project has been reviewed and advanced. Flood and drainage studies similar to the Roma project are now being undertaken in Mitchell and Amby.

Proactive Disclosure of Information – Hay Roma Dam

A number of residents have approached Council about concerns relating to the potential raising [not maintenance] of a dam following the 2012 Roma Flood Event, in particular about any possible effects on water flow and heights upstream of the dam.

Council officers have been liaising with the relevant agencies / organisations over an extended period of time and have assisted in their investigation of the matters raised, including onsite inspections and discussions.

The proposed proactive disclosure of information was tabled at the General Meeting held on 28 March 2018. The outcome from the meeting was that Council resolved as follows:

Resolution No. GM/03.2018/78


  1. Council authorise the Chief Executive Officer (or delegate) to proactively release:
  • Correspondence from the Department of Natural Resources, Mines & Energy about the results of their investigation;
  • Existing Council survey data – circa 2011 and 2016, specifically each of the files attached to the officer’s report (including the comparative data which collates the information into a readable format) and the 2016 survey file;
  • A copy of the letter and accompanying photos and graph as provided by Australian Country Choice Pty Ltd.
  1. The information be made available for residents who have directly approached Council on this matter, and on Council’s website for other members of the community.

As a result, electronic copies of the abovementioned documents are available below:

  1. Letter from Jim Weller, Department of Natural Resources, Mines & Energy dated 26 February 2018
  2. Letter to Australian Country Choice – Disclosure of Information Hay Roma Dam
  3. Letter from Australian Country Choice dated 23 March 2018 Re: Information on Hay Roma Dam Wall
  4. GHD Bennett & Bennett Surveyors – Hay Roma Dam Survey Verification Plot
  5. Hay Roma Dam Height Comparison – Hay Roma Crest Alignment – GHD
  6. Hay Roma Dam Height – Comparison of Surveyed Embankment Crest Levels – GHD
  7. Hay Roma Dam Height – Comparison Data - GHD
  8. LiDAR Capture Project Factsheet [including access link].
  9. 2016 Photogrammetry Digital Elevation Model (DEM) – file: *

* Please note, file 9 listed above is a surveying file. The file in its existing format can be opened via AutoCAD or 12D software.  This software would not generally be found on a personal home computer, however it would be typically found at most survey and/or consulting engineering offices. The file contains the raw digital surface level data within the survey area - based on a 1m x 1m grid.

The data in the .xyz file was used as an input for the maps in file 4 in the list above titled “GHD Bennett & Bennett Surveyors – Hay Roma Dam Survey Verification Plot”.