Maranoa Community Plan Maranoa Community Plan

Maranoa Regional Council officially launched the Maranoa Community Plan 2020 Pathways to our future and six Local Plans at a celebration on 25 July 2011.

Below is a list of the final plans:

What is it?

Community Plan

The Maranoa Community Plan 2020 – Pathways to our future is a blue print for the future which identifies community needs, long term visions, aspirations and priorities as identified by the community during an extensive and rigorous 12 month program of community engagement and consultation.

The Plan has been developed by the community for the community and sets the strategic direction for the Maranoa Region for the next ten (10) years.

This Plan is a whole of community plan, which provides direction for Council, the community, government, stakeholders, non-government organisations, business and industry to strategically plan for the future.; It sets the pathways by which together, we can achieve the community's visions, goals and aspirations for the future which have been identified under seven (7) key themes –

  • Community Life
  • Active Healthy Community
  • Naturally Sustainable Environment
  • Community Place Making
  • Maranoa on the Move
  • Foundations for the Future
  • Progressive, Inclusive and Strong Local Leadership

Local Plans

The Local Plans are shorter term plans which are more detailed in their scope in comparison to the broad overarching Community Plan. The Local Plans identify the needs and aspirations of the local community and outline the action to be undertaken in realising the identified goals at a local level. The Local Plans are also linked to other key Council strategic planning documents.

Where to now?

Maranoa Regional Council has a structured and clear integrated strategic planning framework which will be linked to the Maranoa Community Plan 2020 – Pathways to our future.  All future Council strategies, plans and decisions will be based on the visions and pathways outlined in the Plan.

How will progress be monitored?

The Community and Local Plans are living documents which underpin Council’s strategic management and operational plans which will be reviewed on a regular basis to ensure that identified objectives and performance targets are being met.  Council will provide regular progress reports in line with annual progress monitoring reviews and major progress achievements and successes will be shard and celebrated with the community.

Council invites community involvement and feedback regarding the progress of implementation and its effectiveness.  Community input and feedback will be valued and incorporated into the continuous review process. Submissions can be made in writing or by email to Council:

Maranoa Community Plan 2020
Chief Executive Officer
Maranoa Regional Council
PO Box 42
Mitchell Qld 4465


Thank You!

Council wishes to acknowledge and thank the residents, community groups, government agencies, business and industry for their insightful and positive contribution to the development of this progressive and relevant plan.